How does everyone manage multiple sites they own?

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This question has been on my mind for some time now and as I start to add more websites to my own portfolio (4 currently) I think its time I asked the question...

when managing multiple sites how do you have things like emails, payment processors, google tools, clickbank/amazon or other affiliates etc setup to be easily managed across all sites...

do you use a main account that each site shares or do you create separate accounts for each site, have you linked any for easier management, do you have a main email everything is forwarded too etc etc

[not sure if i explained myself correctly here]
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    I think I understand what you're saying, but I don't think it's that much of a hassle.

    Amazon associates allows you to use multiple affiliate tags. Which means that you can easily change the tag to appropriately match each website.

    Aweber (as well as other email marketing providers) allow you to use as many lists as you want. So you can easily divide up your mailing lists for each website.

    Payment processors also support multiple products and landing pages.

    ALL IN ALL, it can seem overwhelming at first to have multiple websites and/or products. But there are ways to easily organize and manage multiple businesses at the same time.
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    Hey buddy,

    As for me, i have 5 sites - 2 in the IM niche and 3 more in the wedding niche. As of now i kinda manage them individually. I have yet to come across a way that can ease the management of all together.

    since my sites revolve only in 2 niches, it is not that bad to manage... for now at least.. I do outsource certain parts of the design and content though.

    As for emails, i have separate emails for each site. To me that is important as a general email might not reflect too well on what you do..

    please do share if you find better ways to manage multiple sites..


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    About emails: I just an unique email for each of my websites, then integrate into my Gmail account(s). Wish it was possible to add more than 5 POP3 accounts to your gmail account
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    Nothing has been so hassling now a days in internet. There are tons and tons of software available through you can easily manage all of your sites very easily. You can also link all your payment processors into one account and as @Brendan said earlier, you can easily change tags in Amazon.

    If you think so broadly, there will be so much trouble. Once you get all the process, then it will be very easy.
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    I do everyting manually on 45 sites.It does not take as much time as you think,and i feel like in full control
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    I have one [main] email set up that is the end all, be all... and everything branches from there.

    These days I only have sites built three MAIN mainstream niches. For these sites I use an admin@websitename.tld that is tied to each site. Those emails then forward to the end all, be all email address.

    I have recently started up promoting adult content again. For these I have a completely separate end all, be all email that everything compiles (forwards) into.

    So how do I manage all of this? It all ends up in my gmail account, which has several aliases so that I can reply to any email with ease.

    How do I manage login's? Excel baby! I was just looking over my file that is saved externally and I have over 150 different login's. Of course this not only includes websites, but also services that I currently use, or have used in the past and have deemed important.

    As for payment processors? I don't process payments, as all of my sites generate income through affiliate accounts or advertising accounts. For those, depending on niche, I usually use the end all, be all emails.
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    Thanks for the responses...

    I like the idea of having a single email with everything forwarding to that email even if only for the purposes of quickly checking multiple emails addresses and then if need be logging into their respective accounts to reply

    I wasnt aware of the payment processors accepting multiple products and landing page and the fact I am not suppose to use more than one paypal account after doing some further research, good thing I havent gone to that extreme yet.

    So what about google tools... webmaster, analytics, adsense etc... all managed under a single login or do you separate these?
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    I use a separate email for all my websites. I have them set up in Outlook with separate accounts for each one. It's simple to see which ones have unread emails. They all have their own signature for reply emails that includes the website's logo and contact information. It looks much more professional that way.

    I have alerts set up in Outlook to alert me with a pop up on my screen when I get an email from clients that I set rules for. That has been a big help to be able to catch any important emails right away.

    Payment processing is separate for each website and goes into the respective email accounts. Those are the ones I love getting the alerts for!
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    Managing multiple sites is tough. It's either you will put 100% in one site, or 20% in 5 sites. I personally think you should roll with the 1-site model, and create backend products for folks who buy from you on the frontend.
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    I built my own CMS. I now manage over 3000 plus sites with ease.
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  • right now all i have is a spread sheet and managing them all is BS. I do have a way of managing several through a dashboard, but I haven't set it up yet. I am in the process of designing software that takes care of it for me. Thank god for automation...

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    I create a folder for everything and then I create sub folders.

    Website X
    Email list names
    Affiliate links
    autoresponder codes
    keyword research
    Mainly just keep everything separate
    Blah blah. Boring but works and helps me with outsourcing properly to maximize my dollars. Just make sure each folder is it's own business. Makes for easy direction and don't forget to keep a notepad in each folder for those moments of brilliance you always have but tend to forget about.

    Hope that helps.
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    Good advice offered on here
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    Well there are custom solutions for this. But I think wpmange should do for most of you guys. It lets you mangae multiple wordpress site from one dashboard.
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    You should create unique email for each of your website, then integrate these into your gmail(s).
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    I am managing 6 website together. This is very easy,don't worry.
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