Who is your favorite internet marketer?

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Hey warriors!

I thought it would be a great idea to start a thread about the best internet marketers in our industry.

So tell us who are your favorite marketers and why. I'll start first:

Lee McIntyre - honest, teaches what he actually does (let's face it, most internet marketers do not teach what they actually do)

David Wood - has a fantastic story (he went from living in a van to making $300,000 per month) and is very entertaining.

Jason Fladlien - always over delivers and provides massive value
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    Jason Fladlien is my favorite. Read several of his e-Books in the past and they were all awesome!

    Eben Pagan is my second best.
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    Mine is Chris Farrell

    He helps you make sure you "Understand" what you are about to implement before you jump in and just hope you are going to be successful.

    He does not expect you to know everything and explains everything in a systematic and simplistic way so you can fully implement what he teaches.

    This is going to be a great help for anyone looking for a mentor as everyone is going to be posting the best of the best teachers online at this present moment.

    Well Done Matt Poc
    All the best my friend!!!
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    Peter Garety - Ethics, mindset and an awesome comeback story, stright shooter
    Darren Monroe - funny, tells it as it is, great branding
    Charles Kirkland - funnier :-), kinda cool and ninja traffic tricks
    Bolaji O -- good story teller , interview expert

    And all of them have great products to boot.... that you can learn, apply and grow from immensely...
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    for sheer entertainment value it has to be Frank Kern, for learning the mindset changes required it has to be Eben Pagan...

    As for lee M, have you ever been on the recieving end of his sales people.. telling you that with the help of Lee's team you will be earning 10K per month in no time?? they soon shut when asked why they still work a 9-5 job then
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    Myself...and then Frank Kern.
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    I respect most the help I have gotten for free from Carlos and Lupe Garcia. Frank Kern I enjoy but can't afford his prices yet!
    John Reese because he first introduced me to Carlos and Lupe strategies.
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    There are so many good marketers... its hard to name one.... however I would name the person whose blog first told me about the unlimited potential of IM - John Chow..... well his quality has dropped over the past year or so but his influence on me has been immense
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    I'd have to say myself too. Haha. Actually it would have to be Mike Hobbs, he has helped me SO much to be successful really quickly. He knows everything there is to know about systems and how they convert.
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    Frank Kern. I just love the straight up talk. He seems to live the life I got into this to have for myself. No shoes, shorts and a shirt with the middle finger is his attire for the board room. Also he is the architect of modern internet marketing so that puts him to the top for me. We all use what he created.
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    Hard to pick one. From Frank Kern and Eben Pagan I really understood how Internet Marketing works.
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      Gauher Chaudhry - he's honest, helpful and smart!
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    definitely Frank Kern, as others stated.
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  • I certainly would add another vote for Frank Kern who is undoubtedly the man. For me personally I will give a shout out for Kenster. He is highly successful and actually teaches the methods he is using to make money in his courses.
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      Originally Posted by fluffythewondercat View Post

      And of course, there's the bondage.
      This is the best answer that has ever been given on the WF. Paul, Allen, or any other mod, if you're reading this, it deserves instant permanent posting status. (I was going to say "make it sticky," but that just sounds so wrong in this context!)

      -- j

      PS: Joe "The Almighty" Robinson is my favorite IM'er.

      Posting About Life & Video Games:

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        Originally Posted by JaRyCu View Post

        This is the best answer that has ever been given on the WF. Paul, Allen, or any other mod, if you're reading this, it deserves instant permanent posting status. (I was going to say "make it sticky," but that just sounds so wrong in this context!)

        -- j

        PS: Joe "The Almighty" Robinson is my favorite IM'er.

        He is pretty awesome. Getting Deja vu here lol...
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    Your favorite Internet marketers should be the ones who promote your products or give you commission bumps when you promote theirs.
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    Of course Matt Cutts is my all time favorite when it comes to internet marketing. I have been following his blog ever since the concept of SEO( search engine marketing) came into existence. I would also suggest you to read the blog of James Harrison.
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    I am my favorite internet marketer. Anyone else comes after me
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    Zuckers! Who else has almost a billion users?
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    Its me and my team.
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    I have different people who I respect....

    Obviously Frank Kern for being a millionaire surf dude but never really seen any of his stuff except mass control....

    For me it's my mentor Alex Jefferys who takes you right behind the scenes of his million dollar business and show you how to build your own step by step....

    I think it really comes down to who you have worked with and what you have learned, I have learned some great stuff from they guys on the WF too.
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    There are some that have good bits about them but those who ALWAYS deliver?

    Lee McIntyre
    Dean Holland
    Alex Jeffreys
    Lisa Parmley
    Andy Williams
    And Me? Soon! :-)
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    I like George Brown and Tim Atkinson.
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    My favourite is Richard Newton , an honest reputable marketer who has become a close friend and mentor!

    Top Bloke
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    Kern is the topdog ! love his stuff
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    I have heard many good things about Chris Farrell. I also read articles on the blogs of several marketers like John Chow and many others.
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    I have to say Jeff Walker is near or at the top of my list. He's given away a lot of his Product Launch details for free over the past year. Also he's just a very likeable guy.
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  • Jonathan Budd was my favourite for a very long time. His story, his attitude, etc. totally resonated with my values but...

    Now I thought to myself...

    I have a pretty badass story myself. I've had challenges too. I've had to overcome things and I've had to do some pretty drastic stuff in order to get to where I'm at. I'm also still rather young and still have quite a journey left.

    I realized that I could've just stopped looking and chasing success from other people. When I realized, with all interest of being humble thrown out the window, I am the marketer that I want to be. I am my favourite marketer. Nobody else in the game is like me or you.

    If you can't charge yourself or inspire yourself with your own story, then I don't think you can really inspire others with it. You know what, screw it. I'm a badass. lol.

    Blogging With Attitude - Michaelangelo Flores Official Blog

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    David Risley and Pat Flynn top my list.

    Out of all the marketing lists I was once on, they're the only two I have left.

    - Trevor


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    Rocky and Bullwinkle. They're crushing it. :rolleyes:
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    For me,

    Jason Fladlien
    Mark Ling
    Andrew Hansen
    Glen Allsopp
    Andy Williams
    Lee McIntyre

    All are honest ethical guys and every single course I've bought from them has made me money.
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    For me,

    Michael Cheney
    John Thornhill
    Ryan Lee
    Mike Filsaime
    Rich Schefren

    Alex Jeffreys
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    For me it would be Mike Filsaime, John Reese, Corey Rudl (RIP), Alex Jeffreys and John Thornhill. :-)
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    Ken McCarthy

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    WillR is one of my admired Marketers.
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      I've watched and like John Chow for a while. I like his style.
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    Good question!
    Andrew Hansen: amazing products and always overdelivers; always read his emails!
    PotPieGirl: always read her emails; a bit promotional, but love her IM voice, and very inspirational.
    Mark Ling: breaks down the IM process well.
    Matt Carter: introduced me to buying keywords, and also has good products.
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  • Profile picture of the author E. Brian Rose
    Mark Zuckerberg, although his Wall Street skills need help.

    Founder of JVZoo. All around good guy :)

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    • Profile picture of the author sriram rajan
      Originally Posted by E. Brian Rose View Post

      Mark Zuckerberg, although his Wall Street skills need help.
      oh and of course please EBR too to the list :-)
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      • Profile picture of the author E. Brian Rose
        Originally Posted by sriram rajan View Post

        oh and of course please EBR too to the list :-)
        Your check is in the mail.

        Founder of JVZoo. All around good guy :)

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    People sure as hell love their gurus (2 threads about the same topic).

    I may make a site dedicated to gurus just from how often I see these threads.

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    Willie Crawford - Incredibly successful and no nonsense... Just the facts mam
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  • Currently John Reese, but I will definitely look into others. This list should really help!
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    Like others, I'm a big Pat Flynn fan. Just because he was the first one I really followed, and I like his persona. Good guy, good advice. Definitely gives back.
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    The one and only Armand Morin.
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  • Profile picture of the author Mark Gray
    I just started with John Thornhill and already (less than a month) he has me on my first product, feeling good
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    My favorite is Chris Rempel. I like his stuff because he keeps things simple, he's really honest and he doesn't charge an arm & a leg for his stuff. Yes I know he's had a few high ticket items but I'm sure they are worth it. Chris Rempel, my Yankee hat's off to you!
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    Michael Rasmussen. His courses Email Promo Exposed and Get More Buyers helped me made my first $100 online way in 2010. He made them very easy for anyone to digest and understand.

    I also like Eben Pagan even though I have been his subscriber since 2005 but have not bought a SINGLE product from him since they are mostly high end from $997 to $1997. Yet I found his prelaunch videos to be very enlightening.

    Might consider buying Double Your Dating and promote it as affiliate since it now costs about less than $20.
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    oliver roup is my favorite internet marketer.
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    • Profile picture of the author Walter Parrish
      ok i know everyone is watching lolol

      Me Me Me and more Me
      Personally I would say you use whats needed, whoever can motivate you, whoever can deliver the details, whoever gives you the tools that work. A master may have mastered a many weapons, but knows exactly which one to choose to accomplish their goal.

      That said; no particular order here and I know some of you guys don't like some of these guys but I DON'T CARE . . .

      Tristan Bull
      Alex Jeffreys

      Can't forget the crew that put out Street Smart Profits - Loved the vocal delivery
      John Cornetta
      Frank Salinas
      Cindy Battye

      would mention the one who created the warrior forum but I don't understand the thinking. how is it that we get private messages and can't respond???
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  • Profile picture of the author Anoopchawla
    My favorite Internet Marketers are:
    1. Eben Pagan ( He is a pure genius)
    2. Jason fladlien ( He breaks down complicated stuff into pure actionable step by step content)
    3. Frank Kern (its just fun to learn from him, if he would not have been into IM he could have easily made a superb living as a stand up comedian.)
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    • Profile picture of the author Authentic7
      Don't visit WF much but saw this thread on Googs and thought I'd contribute...

      Jeff Usner has a great story -- plus the video commercial for his new book is hilarious:


      He was just featured on ABC's Secret Millionaire on 7/15...truly inspiring show.
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    so many successfull marketers , all of them are inspiring !
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  • Profile picture of the author therichb
    No one talking about Guy Kawasaki, I love to read about his entrepreneurial works he did till date.

    Are we only talking about IM's from WF

    People do love reading about their strategical thinking & the way their esatablish connection with marketing & consulting principles in real life. Superb !!!
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  • Profile picture of the author neodarth
    First Mike Filsaime his marketing butterfly get me a new perspective of how to market

    Then I follow with Eben Pagan, Frank Kern, Willy Crawford, Andy Jenkins, Chris Munch, Alex Jeffreys, Michael Cheney, Ryan Lee, Caleb Spielch, Daniel Brock... wow the list will be endless.

    I admire them and the way they promote.
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    ==> Internet Marketing Newbie Created for IM virgins
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  • Profile picture of the author louie6925
    For me it would be Alex Jeffreys, although he takes 20 mins to explain a 5 min task, but he knows his stuff and makes alot sense and above all keeps it real, I also like Tristan Bull, pretty much for the same reason!
    Feel free to chat if you live in the UK I may have something for you!
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