2nd post - Help Is my clickbank link correct

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Sorry for posting this again but I only got one reply to my previous post which didn't really answer my question

I am promoting a clickbank product which as had loads of click but no sales

My clickbank id is anton343

When i go through the links to the purchase page it says affiliate ID


What's the art for? or is my link not correct.

I don't know if this is anything to do with it but after generating the hoplink I am using tinyurl to shorten the link


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    help Guys please
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    Hi Anton,

    I've never seen that '.art' thing you mentioned, so I don't know what it might be.

    You may want to read the thread about Clickbank ripping-off affiliates, your problem might be related.

    Good luck,

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    Thanks Adam

    Sorted now the art is a tracking link

    I guess I'll have to look for another product to promote

    Over 400 clicks and no sales not so good

    Anyone have an honest idea of the average conversion rate
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    Conversion rates differ between offers. A lot of Click bank offers will state something about the conversions they are currently getting on targeted traffic.
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    Where's the traffic coming from? Are the visitors actually interested in the product or have you just generated some random traffic that is not targeted at all?

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    The traffic is targeted as it is coming from a rebrandable product on the same subject
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    In that case 400 clicks without a sale is quite poor. I'd give it another 100 clicks and if there is still no sale consider moving on to something else.

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    Thanks Andrew

    will take your advice

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