Have you ever clicked on the banner ads above?

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I hear good things about the banner ads here on the warrior forum, but I personally have never ever clicked on one.

Who here has clicked on the banner ads above?
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    I click on them all the time =P

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    So do I... message too short... I must be a newbie looking to build my post count... lol
    If you knew what I know you'd be doing what I do...
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      I click on it if I like the color. Forget the message. I click on it if it is blue.
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        Click on them all the time but I have to tell you I don't think I've purchased even once from clicking on those banners. What does THAT Tell you. i don't know but I just realized that.
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      • Originally Posted by QWE View Post

        I click on it if I like the color. Forget the message. I click on it if it is blue.
        lol - Thats funny. As I write this there is a big blue banner screaming "This Software is DOPE!" Well if it was certified dope then I would click on it for sure - lol

        PM Me Now!

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    I do not. It's just not my interest.
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    I don't click on them because I can't see them.

    I'm starting to feel guilty for using Adblock now.
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      I sometimes click on them base on the contents of the advert.

      Never give up untill you make impossibility possible.

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    All the time, not necessary to purchase anything,rather check out the marketing funnels used.
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    Never, I'm very competitive and I don't like the idea of clicking other marketers' ads, let alone other marketers marketing to me.

    It's all about the money...

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    I usually check them out to see if there is anything special in them !!

    Ayush Agrawal

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    I click on them every once in a while, but I have never bought a wso from one.
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    Once in a blue (and black) moon I do.
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    If the copy gets me curious then yes...

    But as Claire Koch mentioned above, I think I never purchased anything from clicking on them even though I have purchased quite a large amount of WSOs these past few months (no no I'm not a serial buyer - but I buy things that help me improve my current business).

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    I clicked on several yesterday as I was intrigued to find out what they were actually promoting. And yes, I even clicked on the 'This Software is DOPE!!!' banner.
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    I click on them all the time.

    Usually out of curiosity more than anything.

    - Trevor


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    I occasionally click but have never gotten any good from clicking
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    I too Click them, sometimes I get good things.

    Lol I clicked the Banner posting on this thread also.
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    No I don't but maybe I will
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    Click on them all the time when it catches my attention - also to learn from their catchy banner
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    well yeah definitely, its like sometimes a catchy phrase or line shows and out of curiosity i click 'em. most of the time i find tthem quite useful and i wont say always but once in a while i even go for the product
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    Yes, I occasionally click on them, and yesterday bought from one, and am reasonably happy with the purchase (although I won't be buying the upsell!).

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    I click 'em. Mainly to see what they're about. There are many that are really poorly conceived as is the copy they point to. There's an opportunity for a smart up and coming copywriter.
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    I haven't clicked yet but sure I will do.
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    I normally don't click them, unless one really stands out to me. I like to check out the sales funnel and sales letters. Once in awhile one of the advertisers will have done a really good job on the sales copy. And I can add something to my sales copy swipe file.

    However I don't and would never plagiarize it. If and when I do use the idea it will be recreated into my own personal sales copy style.


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    I have banner blindness so I never did lol )
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    If the advert stands out an makes me curious then yes I will click on it!

    But more to the point, the price of the advert space is simply incredible for the number of leads that it could actually bring in for you!
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    I would wager the the folks who actually click these banners are more successful internet marketers.

    For one, because they see the various sales funnels and learn from them. For two, because the best mindset to sell from is that of a consumer.

    Too many IM hopefuls pride themselves on being immune to advertising (which they are not.) They distance themselves from the buyer mindset.

    Click ads, go for the opt-ins, and even buy sometimes. Emulate your ideal consumer and get to know them.

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    I do but its usually to check the stats of a campaign.

    You can do it if it's a 'bitly' url.

    Simply copy and paste the shortcut (url of the banner) add '+' at the end then paste it into your browser.

    You can see how many clicks the add has had.

    Most of the banners get between 100-200 clicks per day if they are a decent banner. Many of them have been run for a long time so they can obviously convert well.

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    Yes....I've clicked a few of them but not sure if placing a banner on thop would be worth the cost to advertise....might have to test it out sometime
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    I've clicked on them a few times, if it seems to be something I'm interested in. There are some banners that have been there for quite some time, so I guess at $100 a day, these people must be making money without bumping their WSO. I don't know if they produce more traffic than bumps though.
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    I havnt found anything too interesting just yet.
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    Hey Ninja,

    I know you're asking about clicks. But, I'd focus on the ads that continue to hang around. Those people are paying, what $100/day? They must keep paying for a reason So, obviously people are clicking.
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    I click on them ONLY if the offer is compelling with some product/tool I think I can use right away.
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    Never clicked them not even one time. This will probably sound strange because I love marketing, but I hate being marketed too (I do this on youtube too if I see an ad over 5 seconds long I immediately click out of the video).

    I've always been like that, not sure if it will ever change, but I just hate when people throw "offers" in my face. The only times I have EVER bought something on this forum has been through a thread (I did click to the WSO but didn't even read it as the thread already sold me - this was for Bob Ross's product). I would actually rather that people used threads to sell products than making WSO's. Talk to me like you would a customer or human being, not like you're a gold seeking missle. I also realize a WSO is technically a thread, but I still view them more like ads, and I stay away from ads in general unless its competition.

    On here I have no competition, so no reason to click the ads.

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    Can't remember the last time I clicked on any ad. I have never clicked the above ads, but that is because I'm not in the "buying mode".
    Time of thinking is over.
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  • Profile picture of the author Jeremy Bratcher
    I don't click on ads anywhere but that is just me.

    I think they are effective on WarriorForum. Especially considering the authority this forum carries.
    “The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me.” – Ayn Rand
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    I've clicked on it once but it was only because my computer glitched on me at that time. Other than that I usually don't click on them..
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  • Profile picture of the author Joseph Robinson
    I've yet to voluntarily click one. When surfing from my iPod though I often accidentally hit one with my stupid fat thumbs. Nothing has interested me really, and if I need something I already know where to find it usually.
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    Yeah I click on them but then I am very nosey so that's probably why
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      I barely notice that they're there. Of course, now that I've answered a poll about them, I probably won't be able to avoid them.

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    i always happen to click on them accidentally, i've always been curious about it.
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    No, for example this "Download 15,324 + PLR Articles Today..." Banner looks to crappy to click... It really looks like a Paint banner

    selling emailtemplates.info
    PM me if you are interested!

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    I have, almost everytime i visit the forum. Gotta give it to some people... really good banner ad copy.
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    I've clicked on quite a few and even purchased from one.
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    Yes, I click on them all the time to see what other marketers are up to.
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    I click on banners if it is something that I like or something that I was looking for. Other than that, I usually click on banners in my favourite blogs while reading them.
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    I've clicked on a few but never bought anything. If you're curious click away.
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    Occasionally I do when it sounds interesting> I find it odd that marketers would actually block advertisements or never pay attention to them. You can gain knowledge from good marketing and apply it for yourself!
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    Funny you should ask. I just did it again. I'm curious about some and want to see what they're offering.
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  • I am new to this forum and was thinking of placing a banner together with my WSO but I will have to read this thread twice to decide if I will do it.

    @OP: I think a better question would be "if you ever bought something by following a banner ad on WF".

    From the replies above, I get the feeling that most people actually click on them just out of curiosity or boredom.

    I think I will stick with the WSO itself or maybe try a banner for 1 day just to test drive.

    P.S. And to answer the OP's question, I dont usually click on banners..
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    I click if it "talks" to me. Not all banners "talk" to all people. Some sound interesting to me, but other people wouldn't care about them. And vice versa.


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