Where to get clients for my service ?

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As I have to pay my collage fees I have learn how to design a website but where I can find clients for that . and how much should I charge ?
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    Hello Satio,

    I wanted to give you my personal suggestions but I believe you'll get more insights if I were to give you this link. Spend 2 to 3 hours reading this.

    I hope this helps.
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      Originally Posted by contentwriting360 View Post

      Hello Satio,

      I wanted to give you my personal suggestions but I believe you'll get more insights if I were to give you this link. Spend 2 to 3 hours reading this.

      I hope this helps.
      Please follow his advice. I understand the point you are in now, but asking like that wont get you much help.
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    I was in a similar position as you a few years ago, and I found my answer in online freelancing marketplaces. I made an account on several websites to offer services (although I didn't have near as many skills as you do).

    There are a plenty of people who need websites designed. I would suggest you build a portfolio of any work you have done in the past, and create an account on vWorker.com: How work gets done. Guaranteed. .

    They have a high employer-worker ratio, and if you know what you are doing, you'll probably get a job there with a bit of time investment. Once you get a few good ratings, getting jobs will become a lot easier.

    As for what you should charge, that depends on how much time it takes you to design websites, and how complex the websites are, and often how many other people are bidding on the same project. You'll get the price factor figured out after a bit of trial and error.

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      Get some business cards printed up immediately and make sure they look professional. Put up a simple website with a link on your business card and hand them out every time you meet someone.

      How often do you run into people while you're out and about? Next time someone asks what you do, you can say "I make websites" and hand them your card. It won't be long before someone refers you to a friend or family member and you land a gig.

      Also, post on craigslist and other boards talking about the services you offer.
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    Starting as a web designer involves three steps.

    * Create a website for your service
    * Add an exciting portfolio of sites/designs
    * Promote your service through forums/Craigslist/freeelance marketplaces/offline contact

    You can skip the step one if you go through classifieds or freelance websites.
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      Hey satio,

      You can starting to do a template creation and sell your work to marketplace like Themeforest or Mojothemes. You'll lucky enough there, get new buyer and maybe a client who interested to do customizing the template bought from you.

      About charge, you can try to post on the forum (Themeforest) & you'll get many advice for that.

      Don't worry be happy!

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    make some vouchers and sent it to local business owners .. or you don't have money to your first step. make a good business plan with your knowledge and hire a investor
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    Here's a tactic thats worked well for me. I contacted a few local graphic designers and offered to provide them with "white label" coding for their designs. I also help them out with technical stuff when their clients ask about it. This builds good rapport with them and means their more likely give you work.

    Good luck out there!
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