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Hi all,

I have just got Camstasia on a free trial as I would like to start video marketing.

Could anyone recommend any products or training courses? I think I need to invest in my education a bit. I do not know much about creating decent videos and have them rank on youtube.

Thanks for your time.

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    Video marketing can work for just about ANY affiliated network. (Amazon, adsense, Clickbank, CPA networks ) Just find a profitable niche, do some keyword research on a product you've found, and make a video.

    Example; Using Amazon, I've found the top 10 cameras of 2012.

    My video Keyword is "top cameras of 2012". This keyword is also used in the video title.

    I make a short 2-3 minute video on pictures, details, and facts of all 10 cameras in order starting from 10, ranking to the first.

    Putting the details of each camera in the video description as well, with an affiliate link to amazon.

    Make sure not to violate any Terms of Use, allowing affiliate links.
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    I think you should sign up for a warrior plus account and look around for what you feel is the closest product that can answer your needs but do your due diligence first. Second I would suggest finding a mentor, that way you can get a stronger headway while starting out.
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      If you do a search for video marketing in the WSO section, you may find some up to date and current info.

      Finding a mentor is another good idea previously suggested but it can be time consuming and/or costly. But then again, if this is going to be a serious business for you, then you're on the right track by investing in yourself.

      Good luck!

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    Like the guys have already said, have a browse around in Warrior Plus and in the WSO section and do your due diligence before purchasing - no doubt you'll be spoiled for choice..

    I have guide which I wrote for ranking videos on Youtube, if you want a copy of it just let me know and I'll forward it on to you

    Video is great for affiliate marketing, that's what I use it for most. Once you get the hang of it you'll be making and ranking videos by the dozen. Good luck with it...
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    Do a Google search for articles on WF about video creation and marketing, and you'll find a TON of really good info, and it will probably be better quality info than a typical bought course.

    A few tips . . . leave your video as a video reply to other relevant videos, and make text replies too.

    You can buil lots of backlinks to a video on YouTube, much more than would be safe to do on a new site of your own.

    As well as YouTube, post your video on other video sites too, and also embed it on video embedding sites, linking back to your YouTube URL, as that will increase backlinks as well as getting other viewers directly.

    Hope that helps

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    You will find that making YouTube videos rank is much easier than a blog post would do, Even better, do both. Embed you YouTube vids in the blog, write a short article on the subject and it is possible they can both rank.
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    There is a differnce if you want to learn video marketing --> then you need to learn persuasion, awesome scripting of your videos etc... If it's just the tool , search warrior forum i beleive there was a camtasia course which was quicka and to the . point . Let me check if i can get that it goes [HOW TO MAKE A KILLER CAMTASIA VIDEO] CREATE Competition CRUSHING Camtasia videos from scratch/24HR ยป Warrior Forum WSO | Warrior Forum WSO

    NO affiliate link , direct sales page...
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    Hello Guys, I agree and appreciate the comments regarding on how to create a marketing video. And Hi to adam, I can help you also on how to create a marketing video that leads to increase your product generation and rank in google.

    Basically, Video creation is a time-consuming effort. Which is why I’ve come up with a “lean” way of making videos. You can probably do a very pro video for less than $100 by yourself. You can visit on my profile links, thanks!
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    Hi Adam,

    Since you already have a Camtasia trial than I am assuming you're comfortable with doing screen shot recordings or powerpoints where you will talk or maybe even be on camera?

    I've found that doing a review style video with a voice over and reading a powerpoint (or Open Office) presentation can work very well.

    You can promote a product from some of the great networks that others have listed above like ClickBank, Amazon, or even Commission Junction.

    Find a product that get a lot of searches and has mid to low competition. Then create your video presentation around that. And rank it!

    I've found this method to be the easiest way to make money online based off personal experiences.

    In fact it's the easiest money I've ever made!

    Let me know if you have any other questions, I'd be glad to help more.

    - Paul
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    Here's a good link that's a Basic Tutorial on Camtasia on how to create a video so you can upload it YouTube or your own web site.

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    Thanks all for the replies. Lots of good information which I need to sift through. I appreciate everyone for taking the time to give me their advice.

    Discover the only A-Z of Video Marketing and for your content, check this out: Premium Video and Full PLR Packs - Free $4,961 case study

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    Your Welcome Adam
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    I recommend start by just making a video about anything, and putting it on youtube, this will help you get use to camtasia. Or make a product review of an amazon product linking back to amazon so you may get a few clicks and a bit of commission.
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    The website of Camtasia itself (Techsmith) should have training videos. Youtube also has some training videos.

    If you've created the videos and need more hits, then try using your video(s) as replies to questions on forums and other sites on the internet or just post the link. And of course, manage your tags carefully to gather more search points.
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    you can use powerpoint to create awesome slidshares that you can record using camtasia and add a voice over most gurus use powerpoint(or keynote for MAC) to create marketing videos

    you can find online plenty of decent powerpoint templates that you can use
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