How do you constuct headline?

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Hello guy

I got curious enough to see there are lot of marketer build great headline and lot of people click on it.

So my stupid question()

How do you construct headline that is got people curious enough to click on and read?

Please share it here :p and give sample.



why the sentence is too long?

what formula you usually use when build headline? Please please share it here
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    You want to do something that catches their attention. Maybe ask a question or use some interactive phrasing. You want to say something that intrigues the reader. You should try to work the topic in, while keeping it short and catchy.

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    Get a swipe file and emulate the winners. A swipe file is nothing but a collection of winning headlines, ads, and sales letters.
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    Write something honest and concise. There are so many scam offers on the WF using words like dominate, secret and unique. Try instead to describe what you are actually doing, and find a fun/catchy way of doing so.

    Unless of course your goal is to compete with the scammers...
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    If you do nothing else, use the instant gratification headline - How To get [benefit] in [specific amount of time] without [pain points, frustrations]
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    this is a great resource you can use... 32 plug and play proven headlines
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    my headline normally targets the target markets biggest problem then once i have their attention i supply a solution to that problem

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      Originally Posted by Mark Gray View Post

      my headline normally targets the target markets biggest problem then once i have their attention i supply a solution to that problem

      thank Mark, now i understand it and take note of it
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    Don't sound like a scammer. Try to make strong but true claim what you offer.
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    Thank you, thank you guy

    i feel truly proud that their is still lot of people willing to help poor/stupid/idiot guy like me.

    thank for all the reply I get and I will take note of all your pin point.
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    Ask a question, make them curious.
    And then answer the question in the rest of the text.

    Controversy also works great for some niches.
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    I personally like the Incongruence+time frame formula as it instantly grabs attention and also helps you make the offer look controversial.

    By Incongruent I mean some thing that normally doesn't happen.

    Wanna see an example in action:

    "The Simple System That helped the former forklift driver employee earn $300 Every 60 minutes"

    Now let's get into the formula:

    1.Incongruence- It's not common for a forklift driver to make $300/hour, something is incongruent here, it breaks the pattern (pattern interrupt a common NLP knowledge) so it instantly grabs attention. It also looks a bit controversial.
    2. Time Frame- Every 60 minutes, it gives reader a specific time frame which increases their excitement levels.

    Hope it helps

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    Nice way to get Attentions of visitors.. going great dear..
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