A Secret I found To find Desperate High Demand Underserved Niches Ready to Buy

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Hey warriors. I just thought I would share with you a secret. Well it may or may not be a secret, but I thought I would share it anyway. I have found that when I do this I am able to find high demand underserved niches who are ready to buy if you can get to them.

I was trying to find out ways to get better responses to my articles when I put something up on ezine articles. I saw that it was much better if your article showed up on the first page of google for the selected key words.The articles that had thousands of views were all on the front page.

Anyway I wanted to write an article that would get at least 1000 page views over a month. So I tough of something. Ezine articles has a google toolbar that when you type in select key words all the articles for those words would come up in the search results. There might be 12000 results or 120.000 results for the make money niche which I saw was by far the most competitive. But when I saw there page views they would only have about 65 or 150 page views over the last few months. For the higher search results. Then If I went to the articles that had search results of let's say under 15.000 but not lower then 10.000. The article that had the full combination of key words would average around 1000 page views per article submitted.I would go to googles main page and type in those keywords and that article was always in the top five of the list on the front page.

I thought that maybe it was a fluke. But then I saw that the article was aimed towards a niche that most people ignore. Not popular at all. I tried this myself. I typed in a key phrase and got 12000 results in ezinearticles. Saw that the best key word article had at least 1000 page views and wrote an article with those key words in my title. I figured that because my content was fresher I would outrank the previous article. Sure enough after my article was approved It took some time but when I typed in my keywords my article was in front of the previous article in the top three positions on google. popular but there were alot of people looking and not alot of people providing content for them.

So I just thought That I would share this with you guys.Maybe some of you already knew this so it is nothing special. But I saw that for me it was the best way to utilize my article marketing. Thank you for reading.
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