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hi everyone,

I have run into some problems with my wordpress blogs displaying correctly across multiple browser platforms.

Is there a plug-in of some type available to correct this?

I went to browsershots.org and my site looks like total crap on most browsers but looks hunky dory in mine.

I could SURE use some advice here. Thanks in advance.
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    I don't believe this will be anything to do with wordpress. It will be the site template.

    Although your html code will look the same, most browsers have different rendering engines so they interpret the code slightly differently. Fixing that type of thing tends to be quite a long task as often it isn't very easy to know what caused it.

    Try setting a doctype if you haven't already, it fixes quite a few issues.
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    The problem is what you are putting on the site. There will always be some limitations and adjustments to make depending on the chosen theme. For example, if you place a video with dimensions bigger than the themes column, it will push everything off. But it is hard to help without seeing your site. Sometimes there are plugins that screw up the tabbers for example.
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    You will never get a site to work well over all browsers and in the end 99% will use explorer, firefox, opera or safari so just concentrate on them.

    You can spend hours trying to make everything work but better to concentrate on marketing and selling than on compatibility which may bring in a few more visitors.

    Go for the majority as people who use those obscure browsers will probably be devotees any how and not a marketable group. Also many of them are used by bots just to scrour info for their engines.

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    It's the THEME (and 'maybe' your posting with HTML character). Search for XHTML Validator and check to see if your page is validated => most probably not since your site aren't looking too good in all browsers .

    ~Mint Tree~

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