Traffic selling sites - any comments?

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Hi everybody.

I'd like to ask your comments and advice on using the traffic delivery sites where you buy visitors to your website/offer/blog (e.g. 100K visitors for $15/18/20 or so)

Could you share any experience with these? Do they deliver? What quality traffic is it (converting/not converting), etc.

All comments welcome.

Thank you,
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    I've ran some to a landing page for an e-mail submit before but as you can probably imagine the conversion rate is ridiculously low. I would say that the best way to make money with that traffic is to resell it. There's a reason it's so cheap
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    I have read many threads saying that the traffic is low quality because of the cheap price.
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    But I think that would make your Alexa ranking change a little bit, no?
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    I was wary at first but after seeing this warriors classified thread i took the plunge and managed to convert.

    I have used others in the past with no luck but i think it comes down to patients, and a small bit of luck!

    If you have a decent budget however i would just go straight to adwords (assuming your niche is allowed)

    Unique Content is all that matters!

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    So far I didn't get any success with them. But I think some guys are. And they are ok in my opinion for normal views.
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