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Hey There Warriors,

The road to success, as you define it, can be long discouraging and difficult.
-Or if you have the right mindset it can be challenging, full filling and rewarding.

Your attitude and outlook can make or break you. It really comes down to your outlook and perspective. As they say you need to view your cup as half full vs half empty.

If you are one of the "Good guys" how many times have you said or at least felt "The Good guy" always finishes last? We are told that we need to give, give, give and yet so many times we feel it is vain.

How many times have you offered to help someone, give financial assistance, lend a helping hand and received nothing in return? How many times have you participated in some sort of JV or partnership, spent hours creating content, developing software or spending money to no avail. For some reason or another the deal fell apart or you got screwed.

How many times do you work your ass off posting to blogs, creating content, developing software, spending money and find that the door does not seem to be opening for you?

You can chooses to look at it as--this is never going to work (my cup is half full) or you can chooses to look at as, its only a matter of time...I just need to keep working at it...modifying it and sowing the seeds ( my cup is almost full and about to overflow.)

Always keep your eye on the GOLD, as you define it. Whether it be success in monetary gain online and off line or simply a better life filled with happiness. Never give in to the peer pressures of negativity and the dooms day out look.

And remember this

The Good Guy does not finish last. The good guy takes the longer route to ensure every one else makes it to the finish line.

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