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Hello Everyone, Happy Birth Day America....

I used Fiverr for a link wheel for my website about a month ago and my site is fine, no sandboxing by Google and I am getting decent blog comments from other marketers.
My site is showing up on page one for certain keywords which is great for me.

I do not want to get penalized by the search engines so my question is how often should I build link wheels for my site?

Any input or insight from other will be appreciated.

Thank in advanced!
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  • I have a question for you, DavePalermo:

    How do you know for certain the link wheel had any effect?

    I ask you that because often people buy these Fiverr thingamabobs and assume that since nothing bad happened, something good happened that wouldn't have happened without the Fiverr purchase.

    And yet websites do rise and fall in rankings without link wheels.

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      Good question and here is my theory....
      I set up my site, did a few blog entries, and did absolutely nothing but did the link wheel purchase.
      I am on page one for one of my reviews and I did nothing.
      Any advice as to what happened with that without the link wheel would be appreciated.
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      • I don't know how long your site has been up but there's the infamous "Google dance" to consider.

        Here's the thing, Dave:

        In real-world marketing, you've got to be able to measure the effect of an initiative. Take email marketing, for example. It's gloriously and supremely measurable. You can send out email to your list and know how many people opened it, what links they clicked on, how many clicks converted to sales, etc. Then you act on that information (to improve your subject line, your graphics, your copywriting, whatever).

        If you concentrate your efforts on those things that can be measured, you will be charting a clear path to success while others are lost in the weeds.

        I don't buy backlinks on Fiverr. What I buy are blog post placements, and I only buy from bloggers I check out carefully first. If a blog post brings traffic, that's measurable. I also leave blog comments manually and those too are (guess what) measurable.

        Fiverr is looking for freelance writers for its blog. Details here.
        Love microjobs? Work when you want and get paid in cash the same day!
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    I wouldn't make more wheels. Just build on the one you have.
    I'm assuming the seller sent you a report with log in and password to the 1st tier?

    Go in and fix the automation crap. Meaning...

    1. All the articles in 1st tier have identical article, correct? Spin/rewrite each article so that each is unique.
    2. Build more backlinks all pointing to that 1st tier. If you were going to make another link wheel, make it point to those 1st tier sites.
    3. If you happen to fall upon a high pr quality link, then point those at your money site.
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    I personally avoid fiverr for website backlinks. If you do use them, don't point them straight at your money site.

    They're usually pretty poor, and say you buy a link pyramid from fiverr, 200 links 1st tier, 1000 links 2nd or something like that, the 200 links are often from only 5 or 10 domains. Very spam looking, I can't imagine it would help at all anymore.
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