Please review my video squeeze page.

by Matt79
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Hi guys,

I'm new to all this but I've built my very first video squeeze page. Please let me know what you think. I'm concerned that the header is too common. Any suggestions? Also what do you think about the video, should say more? I know I stumbled a bit, but just testing things out first.

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    Im not an expert in this field but I think your layout is fine and straightforward.
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      Originally Posted by kojakeugenio View Post

      Im not an expert in this field but I think your layout is fine and straightforward.
      Great thanks. I wanted it straightforward and simple, but not sure if simple is good.
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    Yeah it looks great my eyes looked straight at the video then the call to action

    good luck!

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    Yea, straightforward and not really any links or options to do anything other than watch your video or subscribe to you. Keep it simple and don't give to many options to the users
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    Yup looks good, here are some thoughts:

    Location excellent, well presented info also

    You missed a word out "The Fitness Industry is Full Conflicting Information" should be:

    "The Fitness Industry is Full Of Conflicting Information"

    What about some written info, just a few paragraphs below the main video answering the problem you state?

    "10 myths about Weight Loss" Why not answer a couple of them below to show you know your stuff and to make it a little fuller with info.

    What about a some branding on the page? perhaps a branded header or background logo?

    hope this helps,

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    I like the design as well and also love things simple. I think the video is a bit too short and you should add more compelling reasons for people to give their email.

    For instance:

    Just enter your details below and you'll learn...

    3)... etc.
    Under Construction
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  • Profile picture of the author Randall Magwood
    The layout is nice. The video is cool. I would have the video set to "auto-start" as soon as someone visits your page.
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