What is THE BEST WP business theme?

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My Warrior Bretheren,:p

What are your thoughts on what you think is the best WordPress business theme?

I have set up WordPress blogs and what not,, simple affiliate type sites,, but now I'm looking to have a "real" home base for my mobile biz. And to be able to do it all from my "Home Base Site". I need to look professional to the customers.

I haven't set up a site that can handle sales on the site itself,, it's always been affiliate links where I don't do any type of sales on the actual site.

I'd like to have a demo, if anybody knows of any,, I mean,, like a sales type site to refer me to so I can SEE how it's put together. I'm a see'er, then I do. Or are there any "templates" that make it real simple to put together a sales site.

My thing is,, I don't wanna spend a ton of time on building the site. I want easy. I want to be able to add on as I go, but I want the initial "site" to be up fast. Yes,, I could pay to have it made but,, that gets expensive.
(This is internet marketing/offline,, trying to save money) Plus, I hate having the vision in my head and not being able to convey it to a designer. That's why I want to be refered to a good site/sites as a demo,, to get ideas to show a designer,,, if need be.

Any thoughts?


Robert X
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    See theme-junkie designs, they have a lot of quality themes. I am also using their 3 themes on my sites.
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    Hey Robert

    StudioPress - Premium WordPress Themes Has some really good looking corporate themes

    also ThemeForest.net might take your fancy plenty of themes to choose from

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      I'll second Theme Forest if you want a canned theme. My only suggestion would be that you look for something that is mobile responsive - especially since you have some mobile focus on the site.

      I'm personally working with Headway these days, which allows major customization, and mobile responsiveness - but there is a light learning curve to get going even though it is drag and drop. Long term this will allow me to make big changes if I want in just minutes and really customize the site.

      Adding payment buttons for services is actually quite easy.

      I'd suggest you surf around on the layout of other sites, find one you like, and sketch up your own site on how you'd like people to navigate around. If you can be more specific of what you want, we can probably be more helpful in helping you find it.

      "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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    Simplicity by woothemes.com is my favourite business theme and I also like Striking WP Theme... Just Google them
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    I don't think you need to find the "best" theme as much as you need to produce the BEST content.

    I say this because I picked a very boring, basic theme, then doctored it up with some really nice content. The website converts great, it does exactly what it needs to. So I suggest rather than wasting days or even weeks searching for the best theme, download any editable/basic free theme. Then edit it to your hearts content.

    Learning css/html also helps a ton.

    Good lucK! - Rob
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    OMG there are soooo many, we use Premium WP themes like every single day for our clien'ts projects, believe me when I say that we have tried EVERYTHING! So far these have been our best options:

    - Some "Top Rated" and well supported themes in ThemeForest (By Orman Clark, AIT Themes, Maximus, Kriesi, Parallelus)

    - We build our own themes, we can use them all over again in our client's projects.
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