How To Create Facebook Fan Pages For Businesses Without Violating TOS?

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I'm looking to add a Facebook fan page creation service for some offline clients, but I'm not sure how to do this without breaking the TOS by selling a fan page. If you've done this in the past (which I'm sure many of you have), how do you get around this rule, or does it not matter?

The only way I've thought of to get around this would be to add the buyer as an admin and remove admin status from myself. Will that work, or will that be an obvious buy as far as Facebook is concerned?
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    From what I understand it wouldn't even matter... Facebook has no real way of proving that you sold the page, really. I'm sure you could even leave yourself on as admin, too, which would make it even less of an issue. I feel like this rule is more to dissuade those who get fan pages of random stuff in order to sell them to people who want to just spam affiliate links and stuff.
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    That is a very interesting approach. How do you plan to market the sell of the fan page? (...if you don't mind.)
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    Awesome, thanks for the advice!

    And I'm planning to market it in a few ways. I'll be calling local businesses with websites and discussing the benefits of having a fan page, as well as using Craigslist ads to advertise it. If it works really well, maybe I'll put together a free WSO or something on the subject.
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