Health Care for Full Time Interent Marketers

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Hello Warriors:

For those of you who are full time without benefits, what are you doing for medical and dental care?

Do you self insure or do you have Health Insurance?

If you do have Health Insurance, who do you use?

Sorry if this is in the wrong place.

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    Hi Charles,

    I pay for my own family's health insurance, Blue Cross.

    I'm in PA also, their rates actually aren't too bad here compared to some states.
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    I also pay my own benefits through Kaiser Permanente. I'm single so it's pretty affordable.
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      You might look into an HSA plan. Depends what your personal thoughts are on medical coverage.

      Most people could financially recover from a $5,000 medical emergency - aka copay/deductible. Very few could recover from a catastrophic medical event.

      Car accident - your fault. Heart attack. Cancer Diagnosis etc ...

      I just did a placement for a 42 yr old male -in good health - rarely uses the Dr. He went with a more MAJOR med plan via Blue Cross / Anthem now ...

      $112-$135 per monthly premium - Generic Rx benefits and $1500 deducts / $3500 max OOP and $30 dr visit copays.

      The trick is getting affordable coverage when you might not have perfect health. Dont wait till your there.

      Or ... many small biz entrepreneurs form a corporation. Buy group health ins [in CA] with just two employees. In this scenario - two employed by the corp., shareholding officers - creates a 2 man group and coverage cannot be denied. Theres a bit more to it but it works.
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  • HSAs are GREAT! You get

    Catostrophic coverage
    Reduced drug costs
    Lower doctor visits
    And some offer free wellness visits as well.

    You should really look into these. They are a great way to save money and be insured. Most of them, the insurance doesnt really kick in until you have reached $5000-$10000. But all costs after that are taken care of.
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