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I am looking for a way to have more than $2000 with Kindle. I need $3000-$5000/mo. I really need strategies, testimonials from average person. It is time for me to go deeper with kindle because I have more success than when I was building websites with Adsense.
With 15 books, I only have like $200. How can I grow my empire to reach 150 books in 3 months? How can I publish original content? I am writing all book french language.

Can you think an average person can have $3000+ /mo with Kindle?

Thanks for your help
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    You might want to try joining Geoff Shaw's Kindling membership (Warrior Username, Opoqo) or look at some of Paul Coleman's offers/posts.

    They are both very good on the strategic stuff.

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    Originally Posted by pierrebenoit View Post

    I am looking for a way to have more than $2000 with Kindle. I need $3000-$5000/mo.
    Like any other online venture, making money with Kindle
    requires hard work and persistence.

    Consider the numbers...

    You can create and sell a high quality book on Kindle at
    around $4.99 and get approximately $3.50 per sale.

    So, to make $2,000 per month you need to make 575 sales
    per month. Or around 20 sales per day.

    It's unlikely that you could sustain 20 sales per day from a
    single book. So, to reach your target income, you need to
    write several books.

    As I said... hard work and persistence.

    John's Internet Marketing News, Views & Reviews: John Taylor Online
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    There are no magic Kindle push button riches like some people want to think (or even sell you on). To make that kind of money on the Kindle, you need to write a good book (or books), and market your book and yourself as an author very well.

    It takes some time, dedication, skill, and hard work but it can absolutely be done. You might even end up making $3,000 per day, not per month.
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    Well, thats a pretty tough goal. And you need to make atleast 100$ each day to reach your goal.
    I would take Martin's advice and find some ideas to work with.
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