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I am completely new to all of this and I got pulled into starting a website by one of those work from home sites. I would love to be hugely successful but at the moment I would settle for making some money monthly - my site is for helping people lose weight so I do it more as free advice but I do want people to purchase items from my store front or link on some of my ads but just don't seem to know how to get the traffic (I am on google, bing, Yahoo, etc but buried deep in them so I realize SEO is needed). The problem I find is working harder does not get you anywhere if you don't have the right tricks in your pocket. ANY HELP WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED.
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    AdSense. Period.
    Pinghall - Real-Time Website Monitor.
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    Article Marketing and forum sigs are best to market your site. I would recommend using services from odesk and WF to get your site started.
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    To generate traffic from SEO will take you a long time and will be expensive as the skills required take a while to develop.

    Article marketing, forum marketing etc will all help a little but in reality in that niche you need to pay for traffic.

    There are loads of ways to buy traffic .. google adwords campaigns are probably among the quickest and easiest but can be expensive depending on how well your site converts visitors to revenue.

    Facebook ads can work for you as they allow you to target visitors very effectively - especially in the weight loss niche.

    I suggest that you do some searches here on the forum around paid traffic and learn as much as you can and then test test tes.

    Focus on a single source, run it for a modest spend and monitor the results. Google analytics installed on your site will tell you where the visitors are coming from and so you can make a cost benefit analysis on whether each particular source of paid traffic is worth it.

    Adsense ads on your site may be a good start to try to generate cash but sales of other products may work better for you.

    Good luck )

    Paid traffic is the only way to go but you do need to ensure you dont spend more than you make
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  • Originally Posted by Sherndonru View Post

    My site is for helping people lose weight so I do it more as free advice but I do want people to purchase items from my store front or click on some of my ads...
    Decide on what exactly would you want them to do: Purchase your affiliate products, or click the CPC ads you publish on your site's pages (I assume via Google Adsense or with other CPC/search advertising networks). If you think about this, affiliate product buyers can get distracted by the CPC ads displayed on the same page (not to mention the other internal/external links, text and image elements on your pages), while CPC ad clickers can also get distracted by your affiliate products (among other things on your pages). You can make a more informed decision by studying which of these, based on your market research, analysis and formulated projections, can give you the best results...

    Originally Posted by Sherndonru View Post

    ...but just don't seem to know how to get the traffic...
    Most sites intended to earn profits from CPC ad clicks rely on organic Google SE traffic...

    Most sites intended to earn profits from custom product/service sales (own products/services), affiliate product sales commissions or CPA (Cost Per Action) ads ("Action" can be purchase, download, ZIP/email entry and so on) rely on traffic from content syndication, guest posting, mailing list building, Web forum, social network and video marketing campaigns.

    Originally Posted by Sherndonru View Post

    (I am on google, bing, Yahoo, etc but buried deep in them so I realize SEO is needed)
    Offsite and onsite post Google Penguin SEO focus on these things, according to the details Google provided about this update and also based on the results of the onsite/offsite post Google Penguin SEO and natural backlink building campaigns we formulated and continue to implement and study up to this day:

    1. Freshness, diversity and relevance of onsite content.
    2. Social proof is valued more than ever.
    3. Google values backlink source relevance and diversity more than ever.

    Number one above can be nicely satisfied by posting diverse, unique and relevant onsite content on a regular basis. Google values onsite content diversity because they most likely know people have different preferences when it comes to the content they want to view, i.e. Some people want to read than watch videos, a few would like to look at infographics than watch videos, others want to watch videos than read, and so on...

    Number 2 can be nicely satisfied by sharing your onsite content under relevant sections/categories of social networks, social bookmarking sites, Web forums, blog networks and other online communities in relevant niches. This also nicely satisfies natural social proof diversity...

    Number 3 can nicely be satisfied by contributing relevant and beneficial content in a diverse set of online places, via content syndication, guest posting, Web forum marketing, blog network marketing, social network marketing and video marketing. Diversifying the keywords you use for anchoring your backlinks also satisfies natural keyword anchor diversity...

    Also remember that SEO and positive effects on the Google SERPs of your pages take more time, than actually getting quality traffic comprised of interested prospects and buyers from online places where your target market frequently hangs out, especially if you steadily build a good, solid reputation in those online places as a friendly, expert resource of beneficial info, advice, content, products and services. And, relying on a third party, in this case a multi-billion $$$ corporation's secret, closely guarded, constantly changed and updated ranking algorithm isn't sustainable business, in my opinion. I for one suggest it'd be better to have improved Google SERPs of your pages for your target keywords as a by-product of your natural and effective traffic generation campaigns...

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    Originally Posted by Sherndonru View Post

    my site is for helping people lose weight so I do it more as free advice but I do want people to purchase items from my store front or link on some of my ads but just don't seem to know how to get the traffic
    If you're going with content marketing, that
    could be a plausible method, but it's going to
    take a long time to build authority and referral
    traffic (and side effect SEO as well).

    Just giving you what to expect if you're taking
    this route: Don't expect to earn fast bucks in
    the short-run.

    If you're going for a weight loss blog, I
    highly suggest that you face the other way and
    run as far as you can.

    I'm not being negative, and here's why...

    Don't go for "weight loss" as the central topic of
    your blog.

    Go for something like "zumba fitness" or "spot
    reducing"... Something far more specialized.

    That's for two reasons.

    1 ---- You're going to be framed as an expert
    more easily when you give relevant information
    when blogging

    2 ---- You're going to receive highly targeted
    prospect readers who will have a higher chance
    of buying something from you

    Don't be worried about losing a portion of a
    market that probably wouldn't belong to you

    Think about it this way... If your advice works,
    and people are succeeding, rumors will spread.

    It's all about building a sustainable business/

    Winston Tian

    The Beginner's Doctor

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    High quality and diverse links are always king. Send a handful of high pr backlinks to your site that is not spammed to death and you are golden.
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    If you have decent English, I would suggest you start out with article marketing and blog commenting.
    Both of these methods will get you quick visitors and backlinks to help your site get ranked in search engines.

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    There are many ways you can have a try, such as email marketing, article, blog makketing. Some social medias, like twitter, facebook, linkedin are also good tools to promote your business.

    From them, I think email marketing is stand out for its cost-effective. Now, you had better get help from a help desk software to make full use of it. If you need, just check it.
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    It will be better for you to seek the help of a SEO professional who can analyse your website thoroughly, and guide you to carry out the on-page as well as off page SEO. Besides this, you should also pay much attention over the usage of social media sites for website promotion. Let's hope that you succeed in your venture, and start appearing on the first page of the search results.
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  • The best way to start marketing your site is by writing your own articles and linking back to your site. If you are informative enough then you should start seeing traffic right away. Once the traffic starts coming in you'll be able to see if your idea is profitable enough to start using more expensive marketing techniques.

    A really good idea is to start finding ways right now to bring some money in, if you're yet to have product of your own. You can do this by making money with adsens, affiliate products or providing a service to another business.
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    In general, weight loss is a very competitive niche, so I hope you have chosen a good sub-niche which has less competition!

    As for tips and tricks, backlinking is one of the main ones, although if you do it wrong (ie. so Google can see that you are doing it) then you can lose traffic rather than gain it! The "secret" is to do backlinking so it looks completely natural to Google, and also make sure your content is very good, so that people like it when they find it (which Google can detect too, since when a person finds what they want, they tend to stop searching for more!).

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