PayPal - How To Assign A Payment Page To A Buy Now Button

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Title pretty much sums it up!

I cant figure out how to tell paypal what custom payment page I would like the buy now button to point to.

This was easy with the old paypal navigation but almost invisible to me with the new design.

help would be awesome!
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    nop, just talking about a custom payment page where you enter your credit card information. I create a custom header image for all my products and i cant get this new buy button pointing to the matching payment page.

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    You don't need custom payment page. You just make paypal payment button and put it on page you want.

    If you are talking abut thank you page you have to do the following:

    1. Login into your paypal account

    2. When you are logged in click on Merchant Services tab

    3. Click on Buy Now Button link

    4. Create button (follow paypals 3 steps)

    6. On the Step 3 paypal will ask you for

    Take customer to a specific page (URL) after successful checkout:

    Now insert url to a page you want send your buyers after they pay.

    7. Click Create Button and copy code you get

    8. Insert code on your website (page)

    I hope this will help you.

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    lol i know how to make a button but thanks for taking the time to give er a go for me.

    I found out how to do it on a random forum post. Here it is for anyone else who is having the same issure:

    "If you are creating your item buttons using the "hosted" method, you may want to try using the Advanced Variables feature in Step 3 of the process.

    Go to Step 3 and at the bottom you will see "Advanced Variables"
    Note the text box near the bottom of the page. There you can insert extra variables.
    For example, to insert the "page_style" variable just enter: page_style=name_of_style
    There's no HTML extras, just the name of the variable, an equal sign and the value."


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    • Hi guys,

      I'm sort off in the same confusion in paypal and would really appreciate your help.

      I want to move from using PayDotCom to just using Paypal as my payment processor.

      But now what I've noticed with Paypal is that they generate their own payment button for you to put on your page. But I want to use my own custom payment button then when someone wants to purchase they click on my button and get sent direct to paypal checkout page.

      I'm able to do this with PayDotCom but have no idea how to do this with Paypal.

      How can I go about doing this?

      Your help will be greatly appreciated.


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  • Originally Posted by ProductCreator View Post

    Makabongwe, that is under the advanced options that Derek was talking about. You can use images on your own hosting instead of the default Paypal button. you need to expand the "triangles" to see these options.
    Thanks for your reply, will do that now.

    All the best!

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