Emai List Experts: Resending Emails?

by Kurt
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Here's a question or two for all you list experts...In Getresponse (and I'm guessing Aweber too), after you send an email you can check the stats.

One of the stats is "unopened" and it gives you the option to send them an email.

It seems like this could be a good way to get more people to read the email without having to write more content.

On the other hand, you can't track the open rate of text-based emails. So there's a possibility that you will send these people the same email twice, and since some of them will have opened the email, you'll anger some people that actually read your email in the first place.

How do you handle this?

Do you take advantage of the ability to resend emails?

Or are you concerned about annoying some folks that have already opened the original email and don't resend to people that the stats say "haven't opened"?

What percentage of people use text email? And, for AOL users, if they don't click to show links and images, I'm assuming they will be counted as "did not open"?
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    I don't think too many people are going to get too angry about getting the same email twice, occasionally. But I think if it was a regular practice it would get a little annoying...

    I always use HTML emails...well, actually they are multipart emails with html and text versions bundled together, but html is the preferred method.

    That being said, and this is really the more important part, I think a better way to handle a large amount of unopens is to write better headlines / subject lines... You can send it to them as many times as you want, if it sucks they aren't going to open it. It's not hard to write half a dozen different headlines and start testing them against your original, one at time. And you don't have to write more content until you have an acceptable open rate, then you can start testing the content of the email until you have an acceptable click-through rate as well.
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    the only time i drill down kurt like this and re send emails to people that have not opened is when i launch one of my own products and i want to make sure all of my list has had a good chance to see it

    this is the only time i drill down and segment based on openers and non openers

    i never drill down when i do promotions of other peoples products that is for sure

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      The open rate metric is highly inaccurate for HTML
      messages too.

      Many standard e-mail clients like GMail, Outlook, etc.,
      are set-up by default to not display images - and that
      includes the tracking image that triggers the open.

      Unless the user pro-actively sets their e-mail up to
      accept images from your e-mail - they'll not be tracked
      as an open - whether they have read your message
      or not.

      The challenge with re-sending based on supposed
      openers or non-openers is that you're guaranteed
      to piss off some loyal readers if you do it too often.

      Personally, I prefer to choose a much more reliable
      metric to determine whether someone has read an
      e-mail, e.g. people who have clicked a certain link
      (or not clicked a certain link).

      Dedicated to mutual success,



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    I always resend my email to those who did not open it 3 days after originally sent. I get a good number of additional opens that way.
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    Depending on the Niche you have to play, I.M crowd knows quite a bit (after the initial hard lessons and pick / choose e-mails) so may be do it once more and not any further, other niches you can take liberty and resend up to 2- 3 times and even then if they are not opening then better get 'em off the list :-)
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