What's The Motive Behind Your Opt Ins?

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What is the number 1 reason you subscribe/opt in to someone's email list?
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    Most of the time, it would be to receive the free item, product support or download that is being offered.

    However, sometimes I opt-in because I am curious about the design of a marketer's sales funnel.
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    certainly want to have long-term customers, I want to give the best to my list and make them successful as well in their business by providing a bit of knowledge to them.
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    Hello MarketingMinded,

    We subscribe or opt-in to someone's email list/newsletter because we know that they offer something that interests us. We opt-in because we want to be informed about their current products and services, changes on their terms and conditions, current prices, promotional offers, future plans, and the like.

    For some, just like what dsworks, mentioned, they want to observe how the service provider manages their sales and marketing.

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    What is the number 1 reason you subscribe/opt in to someone's email list?
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    I opt-in to email lists of big marketers, and see what they do.

    (frank kern,stephen piece, mike filsaime etc)
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    To get good information about the topic that i'm looking for. I really dont opt-in to many people's list, but sometimes i do from time to time. I dont expect them to email me everyday either. Dont want a pest.
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    I use a different email just to monitor what they're doing, how they do it, email subject lines, etc.
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    I normally sign up to people's opt ins to see their sales funnel.

    I would actually recommend anybody new to e-mail marketing to sign up to lots of different lists and see exactly how people sell to you.

    This is a great way to find new tips and techniques that you haven't thought of just keep track of what messages are coming from who.

    As this is what I did when I first started out and I learned some very clever tricks.
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    My main reason for subscribing is because I feel they can deliver excellent content with their email.

    However, most marketer will only deliver well on first attempt and then spam you with affiliate offers.

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    Information and blog updates.
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    Free Gift that can instantly solve my problem (Instant gratification)

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    It used to be about getting the free product but now it's to study the marketer's funnel
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      I'm on some lists purely to see how people market to their audiences in the various niches i'm active in, see what upsells they offer and what angles they take to promote. I pay attention to the email subject lines and the links i fell like clicking on to understand what was compelling about them for me.

      I only market in niches i'm interested in now, so i figure what works on me ought to work on others like me.

      I have opted-in to get free training in the past, but don't anymore.

      Under Construction

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    * I Optin because they're either offering something of value.


    * Because I want to know how they set up their sales funnel. Products they are promoting and so on
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    Its simple really. FOr me its to make a relationship with them and then later on sell my products or affiliate products.
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  • Most of the time, I simply want to analyze their sales funnel to see if I find something interesting I can implement to my own funnels.
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    Why do I subscribe to (most) lists?

    Can you say Swipe File?
    You're going to fail. If you're afraid of failure then you do not belong in the Internet Marketing Business. Period.
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    So far it has been a free ebook offering the 7 top mistakes to avoid or 5 tips on the subject in question.

    "The first principle is that you must not fool yourself - and you are the easiest person to fool" - Richard Feynman

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    There's a lot of reason depending on what they are offering.

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  • If I like the info I don't want to miss out and stay up to date with promotions and content they email out to their list.
    soon people... Relax...
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    I opt-in to build a relationship with them so that I can take good advice from them in future.
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    Yes, that is one. Many of these sites offer tools and resources that can be used to any business.

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