Clickbank Approval Reps - slow to respond and approve!!

by Phobia
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Ok, I submitted my product for approval 8 days ago. Whilst they responded about 3 days after, with a suggestion of using split payments (my product is high ticket priced), I then asked a question to clarify what are the split payment length options.

I haven't heard anything since.

On the ticket history, it seems as though the original person couldn't answer my question and then they passed it onto a different department:

'Action:CHANGED by Sheri A @ 2012-07-02 10:36
Note: Added contact'

I emailed the above address and got an automated PERSONAL Out Of Office with fancy fonts and all (lol) saying that she will be on annual leave until 16th July. WTF :confused:

I have politely used the product approval comment section and asked what is happening twice and no responses since. Is this normal?
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    Clickbank is normally good about getting back at you with their review times. I've never had this happen before. Have you ever submitted a product to Clickbank before... with a product that is under $50?
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      Originally Posted by Randall Magwood View Post

      Clickbank is normally good about getting back at you with their review times. I've never had this happen before. Have you ever submitted a product to Clickbank before... with a product that is under $50?
      Yes, I have submitted a $17 a long time ago and from memory that was approved with no problems.

      All I want to know is if I can do a split recurring payment of $97 per month over 4 months...
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    Yeah, sometimes that happen. But you can easily email them a few times and they will approve you eventually.
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    Yeah... Clickbank seems to be on holiday or something.
    I'm still waiting for my low-priced product to get approved...

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    ..going on 2.5 weeks now, still have heard nothing.

    I've resubmitted the same product 3 days ago, but....still nothing! what a joke.
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      Their speed gets longer, as the years go on, but suppose it can show they are taking their time to go through the products.
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    Hey, any updates from Clickbank?

    I have submitted my product too and 3 days have passed and no contact whatsoever..

    Hope they speed their approval process because this is getting ridiculous.
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  • The whole product approval process is one of the few things I dislike about Clickbank. Their utter lack of flexibility is the other one.
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    Update, its been over 4 weeks now, yes that's right, A WHOLE FRIGGEN MONTH since I submitted my product, and I've only heard from 1 useless rep that passed it onto another who just got back from annual leave and responded with a one liner to which I responded and have NOT heard from them since.

    This is getting beyond ridiculous.

    Surely their approval team is comprised of more than 2 people? (2 ladies that's all I've heard from)
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    No offense but you are complaining to the wrong people. None of us here can help you get your product approved any faster. You are better off spending your time talking to Clickbank rather than posting about it here. If they are taking too long and you don't like it then go elsewhere... otherwise you will just need to wait until they get around to approving it. Usually the process is very straight-forward.

    Just saying...
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  • Profile picture of the author Phobia
    Thats the thing, Ive tried all avenues of contact, but I'm still left waiting. Their toll free number is US orientated and I'm not sure how to call them outside of the US.

    Just trying to gauge if other warriors are having similar issues, because that will put my mind at rest that its not just me or my product.

    Oh well. Another hurdle to run over....again.
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  • Profile picture of the author Jason H
    Phobia, any updates?

    Because I'm going through a simliar situation as you are.
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    I bet they have hundreds of thousands of imagine the amount of new website submits they receive a day. But thats not an excuse, of course. The funny thing I noticed while working online...the bigger the company the longer they need to respond to anything. There are small 1-2 people companies who respond within 1 hour and companies with 1000 employees who need 1 week to respond to a simple email. I guess, the bigger they get, the less effective they work and they slowly turn into big bureaucratic organizations as we know them in anything government related(worldwide).
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    Dang, its been 3 days for me and i'm SUPER happy cause if they reject it I'll just fix whatever they say to fix and once they approve it, I'm going on a life long celebration!
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