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I was looking to advertise through youtube and who like to hire someone through fiverr. If they do make me a video do I own the video?

If not should i send them a contract which they would fill out for ownership?
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    When you pay someone to create something, most often you own it unless otherwise specified. Just tell the vendor that's what you want.
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    Yes, I would communicate with the video creator that after the purchase of the video, you own all the rights to it and it is for your exclusive use. I don't think you really need to send a contract as long as you have the communication in writing which you will when you contact the seller of the gig through Fiverr. If they don't agree to give you exclusive rights then there's always another Fiverr provider who will be happy to do this for you.
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    One problem is, does the creator have the rights to use any images in the videos they give you?
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      Originally Posted by Kurt View Post

      One problem is, does the creator have the rights to use any images in the videos they give you?
      Or the video templates they use?

      For $3.92 a pop, I'd say the chances are slim.

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    You can hire lots of guys on fiverr that make videos for you and there are some awesome guys who make nice videos but read reviews first before lacing your order
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    This is not legal advice, )

    well ok, now this is a grey area, but over all, be very aware that any copyrighted content used in the video, can still be infringing, that is the catch 22, the terms do say that the video is yours, but that does not mean that the content in the video is yours unless it is 100 percent original, then it is yours. fiverr is out of the US so they can get away with a loose use of TOS but always remember that you can get into deep trouble by not realizing this simple rule, just because you get something on fiverr for five bucks does not mean that its ligit.
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