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Hi Guys,

I am currently promoting an offer from Azoogle in Adwords to US only because this offer accepts only US Traffic. Azoogle will display a smiley offer to international visitors. I am getting more clicks from international visitors than US. Why is that happening? Does google display your ad to international visitors even though you have selected US only?

Please help!!

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    Ok so it seems like you have ensured that your targeting is US only as that is the first thing to check.

    The next thing to look at is what type of traffic is causing the visits and if you are on the content network what sites your ad is showing.

    You can't stop organic International traffic of course I am sure you know.

    Also with the content network it is a lot more grey than the search network for international traffic. Additionally if you select Google and Search network and not Google only then people like AOL, Ask, etc. who are part of that may not have their geo targeting as refined.

    Finally Google's geo targeting is not completely perfect but if you can show you are getting real PPC traffic from non US sources on google.com then you should raise it with them.


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    Thanks CJ. Very helpful answer. I will turn off google partner network traffic and see if I get better traffic.
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