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by rayan
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Hi members, I couldn't find these info on squidoo so I thought to post here. Can I create a len on squidoo to sell my services? Rather than informational-based?

I appreciate your comments, thank you.
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    I think you need to combine the two! ie provide some quality information whilst also promoting yourself or your business.

    Also, it may depend what your business is. I have heard Squidoo no longer accept lens for some niches like weight loss pills etc

    Best thing to do is try it! It's free and the worst that can happen is that they remove it.
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    Exactly what the poster above said. I've never tried to create one for the purpose of selling my services, but i've done it plenty of times with affiliate links.
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    As haskell said, create a mixture, you want to have enough information to make the reader carry on reading, and maybe at the bottom sell your service.
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    Squidoo lenses are commercial by nature so there are no regulations about using them to sell your services. It is done by a lot of people. Just be sure you comply with all their formatting regulations or they'll deindex your lens.

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    Maybe offer your service in a profile module and add it straight after the intro. I have 100's of lenses promoting lots of different offers and have never had a problem.
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      Thank you for the comments, guys! Your input are appreciated
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