What do you think of this idea? Is it worth it...

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If you don't know me, I'm in the Site Flipping Niche and I'm operating a community for Site Flippers, after a few JV's go down and member base rises I want to implement a Buy and Sell Section

Now to compare to the competition this is what we are going to be adding. Please give me some feedback on your feelings of this service.

Buy and Sell Section

When a user submits his site, the site will be moderated, in this moderation process it will be appraised a value based on certain information and variables. This appraised value will then be posted as information, for the buyer and seller.

The seller then starts an auction or BIN, however, everyone can see the appraised value with a list of reasons why....

So, we can program this to happen, but do you think that type of appraisal service with a buy and sell section is worth it?

Can it compete with the big sites such as Digital Point, SitePoint, etc...

Pros, Cons?

Let me know, thanks

Todd Walker
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    Hmmm...it is a nice idea...however it is hard to take away from places like sitepoint. But if you target people in a way as you are the sitepoint of the yuppy full of themselves site sellers...the cadilac of site selling venues...it may work out well...

    But you will have a problem if the appraisal process is prior to being listed. People won't be too happy that they paid the fee to be listed and their site is appraised by you for $5 and is posted in their aution...

    I think there is room for another well put together site selling place...but it is really going to have to be done well. PLus you will have to have a lot of sites on there ready to be auctioned off on opening day. If it is a ghostown when people come on opening day. It may very well stay that way.

    As a PHP programmer...if I were to do this it would take me 6 months to a year by myself to probably be satisfied enough to release the site. Because I have so many ideas on what would have to be done and how things would have to work it is...wow...it is a lot of work. But if you are outsourcing a lot of it and have a lot of cash to burn it could go a lot quicker.

    But there is room for anything that is done right...No one holds the be-all-end-all title on the web. Even if they think they do.
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    compeletly agreed .... people could be real jerks here while giving such feedbacks... and for a very low price if you get a negitive feedback for no particular reason then it will demage you big time..

    we need to come up with a better solution to this .... having feedback is good .. but i don't agree with the sort of feed back criteria used by Ebay,DP or other relevent sites...
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