is there a way to send people to google adsence and be paid

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is there a way to send people to goorle adsence and be paid ?? i should know this but for some reason i dont
if anyone can give me some advice it would be appreciated
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    Hi Owen

    By the way you write your question I think that you need to grasp what adsense is a bit more.

    You can earn money with adsense, and many people do so. What they do is have their own websites that have valuable information on them. The websites show the adsense ads and when people click on them you get a cut of the ad cost.

    Google themselves have a good tutorial for this

    All the best
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    no sorry thats not what i ment its hard to word it properly.

    like an afiliate for google someone clicks a link on my website.
    and it sends them to google then they sign up for adsense
    and i get paid.
    is that possible
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