Youtube "FREEZES" views stats! WTF?

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Hi. I've been into youtube promotion for awile. Had a successful channel of my first business, (few millions views total), never had any issues with stats.

Recently I start another project, different niche, so I have to make another youtube channel and another google account.

The first thing I've noticed is that now you can't make youtube channel without Google+ account, (and this is scary, if you think about it)... But it's not my point.

So I upload first video and did opt-in page (with this video on it).

In the first few weeks I had around 4 000 ACTIVE email subscribers because of this video opt-in.

I also inserted Google Split test and google analitics, and they clearly shows that I had around 64% conversion rate (uea it's pretty damn high - but the reason for this is that it wasn't cold traffic at all, it was people who knew me from my first project)

So in reality I have around 12 000 + view of that video (because you cannot subscribe without watching the video, it's always on "autostart")

The weird thing is already 2-3 weeks pass, but youtube stats shows only !!!! around 1 400 views of this video!


Maybe someone also see some weird youtube behavior? I can assure you that all my clicks are 100% legit and I don't use ANY "bad" views-gaining software...
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    i have a plan to jump into youtube too.....
    thanks for the information......
    but I am anewbie and need much learn.........
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    i not sure about ur situation coz ur views stuck at 1.4k plus ,
    i only noe if ur views stuck at 301 it means youtube is reviewing ur video before they continued with ur actual viewing stats

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    So many bots and paid views from artificial sources and hence YouTube has to play its own game to keep us puzzled..
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    You will get frozen on 300 views for a day or two but after that you will rank quite well.
    So you should use that to your advantage.
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      No it not stoped at 300 (read carefully)

      And now I can say that views will not "come back"

      Youtube banned more then 10 000+ of my legit views forever
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