Scammed in the offline world.... Wow depressed!

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£60 ($93) down the drain, feel so bad, you always hear of the people who got scammed, and I have always thought, how can that happen surely you know..... An offline job advertisement promoted on gumtree, I applied and received an email from the "Human resource manage" of EasyHotels (from easyjet.) saying a load of information including dates and location of where the training days would be held, stating bring I.D., Application form and all the usual job application stuff.
Seems natural enough (me having looked for an offline job for months) jump at the opportunity, reply, then they say they require another bunch of info, the key being a CRB check from the company. Cost of £60, which will be refunded on your training day......

Feel like an absolute fool. Not only down £60 but even further from finding an offline job. Just as the online side was picking up.....

Okay, out in the open now feels bit better, what can I do to get £60 back tomorrow? (Not fiverr.)

Thanks WF.
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    I'm so sorry that happened to you! My husband is in the process of looking for an offline job and it's so crazy how people take advantage. Shame on them! Maybe run a writing special to get the money back?
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    Yeah gonna try write my way out of it, its just so annoying! Like 1/4 of my bank as well. So depressing. Tell your husband to be careful!
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    I hope you report it to gumtree so they can remove the listing so others don't get scammed. Lot of people out of work, it wouldn't surprise me if there were a lot of scams like this going on.
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    Sorry to hear that. It's disgraceful how people could do this.

    Don't look back though - only forward. I believe in karma. They will get what they deserve and you'll get your money back many-fold.

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    Originally Posted by TomBuck View Post

    I applied and received an email from the "Human resource manage" of EasyHotels
    Didn't that raise a few suspicions at that point?
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    thanks for sharing it to us....
    refund? that's must be scam
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    If you gave them pretty much all your personal details, you should be worried about ID theft, not worried about scam.

    Check your credit report carefully

    How to get 60 pounds tommorow? Sell some stuff.

    You are ebook writer. Then search for the clients, / search for the people who needs articles and more..

    Or you even can make quick product. Like within 3-8hours, then do some forum postings, guest postings, yahoo questions.. You can make fast these 60 pounds. ( I'm not talking about money making niche now, you should create product about how-to .. )

    Anyway, sorry for you what happened, that sucks right. Hope you'll MAKE back your sixty pounds! Good luck
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    You could always give plasma. Be a hero! Lol... they might give you $40 for your first visit. Then come back in 3 days later, and give more plasma. Another $40 cash in your pocket. Come up with $80 within days.
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    I almost got scammed out of $6,000 when I was a bit younger. Luckily a diligent bank teller saved me.

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    That is discouraging.. But we all got to learn in some way.

    Being scammed is such an awful feeling just as you think you found a solution.

    A better way is to look at a better plan, and a legit solution to this loss. Better to look forward than back. With a better plan, you can regain that money in a heartbeat, plus make so much more.

    Sorry man. It ain't easy.
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      That sucks. Having said that, I have a question for you:

      At what point did you decide this forum was an appropriate place for your personal diary?
      Stop by Paul's Pub - my little hangout on Facebook.

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    Yeah think the best way is to just sell some stuff, to make the money back.

    It all pointed to it but I was just excited after weeks of searching to have a decent job reply, pray on the desperate. I would pay £60 for a job paying £10/hr.

    Cheers for all the comments, just need to focus try make it back.
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    Ive been scammed over 3k.

    Dont feel so bad.

    Unless your one of Bernie Madoff's victims< I think you'll be right.
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    That's sad to hear.. I suggest you to ask a refund (If I understood well you must have paid via an online method.)

    To make $93 in a day you need to spend the whole day in front of the computer... It will not be easy. If you know how to design sites/ creating templates you can start writing code and sell them. This might bring you $93 in a day.
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    Tom - would you PM me any emails you had from that scammer, so I can add it to my anti-scam blog?

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    sorry to hear this mate, head up and keep trying.

    Want to learn more, read read and read more.

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      Did you pay via paypal or credit card? If so, do a charge back/file a report etc etc

      Have you called the police?
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    Thanks, and no it was paid via something called a ukash voucher, haven't called the police have no information to go on, all I have is an email called the place where the training days were meant to be but they have not got back to me. I know this place aswell and many events such as training days and job fairs happen all the time down there, this is why I wasn't thinking. Yeah okay now, not as bad as yesterday. Writing it makes it feels better somehow.
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    I've been swindled 3 times, offline. Lots of cash lost, enough to live several years happily without work. But not as much as Madoff's victims, who are still rich enough to live another 10 life times, luxuriously after the fact.

    It should be once bitten, twice shy. Often heard that phrase before but couldn't apply it since all 3 occasions have different scenarios, in different industries and used different convincing tactics.

    However, I have to admit my ignorance of the subject matters, the lack of due diligence as well as failure to monitor. Thus I,myself was at fault in all 3 occasions.

    Some say, people fall for scams due to greed or desperation. I say it is not 100% true. Seeking new opportunities is a natural trait of humans but you just have to be more careful.

    The real world points can be applied to online scams offering online and offline opportunities.

    So my advice is, when money is tight and you can't afford to be conned, always search for reviews from at least 10 to 20 sites. Look at review sites, scam report sites, blogs, groups and consumer forums. Don't be shy to ask around if it isn't there. This is the poor man's minimum due diligence to reduce risks.

    So far, there are always info online to help us make well informed decisions.
    === >>> Tomorrow Should Be Better Than Today

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    Wow - I saw the exact same ad. They were looking for bar staff, cleaners, and waitresses.

    I regularly look at job boards out of curiosity to see what is going in the local area - and this one stood out to me because it looked really legit and I was even thinking about seeing what the hours were.

    I for one - am glad you posted this.

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