Any experience Forum marketers?

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We are selling software online but currently don't have enough marketing personnels to promote our products. Our competitor is taking over because they have many people talking about their products in different forums.

We thought about the plan on hiring local real forum users to use as our "hired-gun" but so far no luck. We imagine $5-15 a month just by making few posts on the forum you regular visit is easy money and many people will want it but we had a hard time getting any replies.

Do you have any advice on how to execute this?
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  • I usually don't recommend forum marketing as a primary strategy because it sorta encourages noobs to spam a lot plus it is often a bit time consuming and you get far better results (with less effort) from other marketing methods.

    I mainly browse forums to learn from people and connect with those in a similar or the same niche - but honestly, the amount time and words people spend typing up in forums can be spent writing articles instead and submitting them to a few sites and you get potentially endless traffic. Whereas in forums, if you want to 'market', you have to keep constantly being active and making sure you always deliver value.

    I'll be dead honest and I'd rather not be posting on forums all day when my target marketing is hanging out elsewhere and looking for my product/service elsewhere.

    However on the flipside, I do get extremely high targeted leads from forums once in a blue moon and the chances of them opting in and actually buying something has proven to be very high in my short experience.

    Again, as a traffic strategy, I wouldnt recommend it as a primary method, but something one could do if they had a bit of spare time.

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    Forum Marketing is a very effective means of marketing if you can utilize it properly. the best thing about this marketing policy is that your product or service will become popular very soon. But the main thing is that you will never see any kind of change if you just invest 15$ per month dude
    When you will be able to invest around 2000$ per month for around 8000 posts per month then you can see the effect.
    I have seen people saying that they are investing 10000$ per month just for forum promotion. And they are happy because in the forums that allows banner ads and have an alexa below 2000, will cost a lot more. That's why they are doing forum marketing and getting very good response.
    Ofcourse you should not take this as your main marketing source. it can be a very good substitute for Banner ads in the forums. you can increase visibility for more than 50% by investing 20% less than the banner ads.
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      Originally Posted by marketwarrior06 View Post

      But the main thing is that you will never see any kind of change if you just invest 15$ per month dude
      When you will be able to invest around 2000$ per month for around 8000 posts per month then you can see the effect.
      This will be a factor for you. You are offering nothing for a tough job. Forum marketing is not as easy as other marketing strategies. If you just register in a forum and directly get into marketing of your software, there are high possibilities that you may get banned.

      If you really have a very small budget, I would like to recommend you Press release submission and classified posting. Because you are a software company, you may release new software in regular interval. Press release sites and classified posting will be the best options for such a business.
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        Thanks everyone for the reply.

        We do have a budget of up to $3000 per month. I wonder what approach to take?
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    I think Forum marketing still works well. You'll not get huge traffic, but the traffic is targeted and it's easy to convert into sales.

    Just look at Fiverr and type "Forum Marketing" in the search box. There's a few people provide this service for low price.
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