Do yourself a favor and install this wordpress plugin...

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Hello all,

Over the past year, I have had my wordpress websites hacked twice. I have like four wp sites and all of them are hosted on a shared hosting account (finally moved to a reseller plan).

Needless to say - having your websites hacked is no fun. I had to completely start from scratch both the times. Yes, I do keep database backups but still I had to do a clean install or the malware would keep coming back.

But I seem to have found the solution in a free wp plugin:

WordPress › Better WP Security « WordPress Plugins

I have it running for over 2 months now and it feels so much secure just to have installed it.

You would be surprised to know about the amount of hack attempts that your wp website goes through every day. Here's a screenshot from my Better WP Security back end:

The 404 errors are from "hackers" checking for vulnerable plugins on your wordpress installation.

Also, brute forcing is not very uncommon for wordpress blogs. Here's another screenshot:

Better WP security automatically blocks ip addresses that attempts more than a few bad logins. The plugin also notifies you of any file changes on your server so in case of malware infection - you can easily pin point the files affected and clean up is very much easier.

The plugin also sends you an email everyday with your database backup.

So, do yourself a favor and install this wordpress plugin!
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    Thanks for your valuable contribution to the forum. I too have been adding additional security measures to prevent security beaches. Most people are oblivious to what is going on until it hits home. Caveat Emptor.
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    Thanks for the heads up on this plugin.
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    Thanks for this plugin. I recently had a wp blog hacked and destroyed the site! This will be great to install and have a defense team waiting for the hackers Thanks

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    Kyle Nelson

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    It's sad to see that there are individuals that attempt to sabotage other peoples' hard work. Basement dwellers.

    This plugin will come in handy.

    - Dan J
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    This is an irony to me. I moved to Wordpress platform 5 months ago because my joomla! site got hacked. And better wp security, along with User Locker plugin, are the first security plugin I installed.

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    Changing the admin username to something else is very important. I usually do it when I install wordpress. If you have installed wordpress and already have the username as 'admin' then create a new admin account with a different username and delete the old admin account.

    Most bruteforce attacks are with the username 'admin'
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    This is really amazing plugin, I first time listen about this and I am going to install this in my all wordpress sites,

    Thanks for sharing
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    This is really amazing.I first time listen about this and I am going to install this in my all wordpress sites, and joy myself.
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    Never had this problem so far. But reading this, it seems quite scary. Hard work blown away by hackers? Hope not!
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