Entrepreneur - what does it mean to you?

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This term is thrown around so lightly, people ask me all the time are you an entrepreneur, I answer no. Simple fact why because it does not reflect me as person. One of the best definitions I herd was from Alan Sugar at the o2 business conference last year. ''You do not claim to be an entrepreneur it is a title that others put on you.''

That's a break down of what he said, so to the all the self claimed entrepreneurs is it fact or just hype, or is just sales hype or maybe its my age no idea, but this claim to being an entrepreneur because you run 10 web sites that make you $2000 a month does not in my eyes make you an entrepreneur.

So maybe its time to take a long look at your self and be honest stop living in the hype of potential and the one day some day bull **** and look at what you actually have and how your going to increase that into xyz.

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