Help~ how to cancel HyperTracker ?

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I am really upset now...I tried to cancel HyperTracker membership but they keep charge me monthly!

I sent to support, I deactivate account, but got no response from them! This is so not acceptable!

Is there anyone who ever cancel from HyperTracker with success? Or anyway I can revise my credit card info? I got too many auto-transfer with this card so change card number (report lost first) is the last thing I want to do...

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    How long did it take them to deactivate your account?
    I'm currently having the same problem.
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    That's bad news. Can you not cancel your paid subscription from your end?

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    I'm not familiar with the company in question, but some companies have a specific procedure you must follow to cancel an account, or a specific way to contact them. Are you following that procedure?

    You can call your credit card company and ask them about stopping payments to them and about chargebacks. I had one hosting company once that I couldn't get to stop billing me, and on the advice of the card issuer I had to close that account. Then I filed a dispute and got part of the money back.

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    If you cant get ahold of them, call your credit card company and dispute the charge.

    did you email or credit card statement from previous transactions have a phone number on it?

    have you tried contacting them through here:
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      Cancel your subcription or cancel your credit card, you have to file an appeal that you want to cut your subscription. I don't think it will help if you will say your credit card is lost, the bank will charge you for that..
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    I was able to cancel mine pretty easily. I recall there was an option to cancel your membership.
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    Eek. One of the perils of signing up for something with a website that hasn't been updated in 11 years (literally, there are screenshots of GoTo, which hasn't existed since 2001).
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