Gangster Rap + Warrior Forum = $$$$$$$

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Thanks to WF and the #1 Rapper in the country "Flo Rida," I found a way to collect piles of money that I had previously been leaving on the table.

Allow me to explain...

I host a morning radio show in Jacksonville, FL. Whenever I interview a celebrity or someone of interest I post audio and or video on my personal website.

A few months ago some Warriors on this forum pointed out that I was missing out on an opportunity. There are a ton of "celebrity driven products" that people who visit my site would devour! I was missing the boat on an obvious income stream. Especially with musicians.

-Clickbank Products
-iTunes Downloads

Well, this past week I had a chance to test the ideas that the fine folks in the forum gave me.

Flo Rida, who is the #1 rap artist in the country, came by the studio for an interview. Flo has a new album that he is promoting and we are playing his newest song quite a bit, so he granted us an in-studio visit and interview.

But that wasn't all! I wrote a "rap song" of my own and asked him if he would perform it with me. He begrudgingly offered to "back me up" on it, which was good enough for me. I edited it up nicely, created a "video" and placed it on my website. Then, I started looking for products...

I went to Clickbank and typed in "rap music" and found a product written by a music industry attorney that shows you how-to set up your own record label. It was targeted at the Rap community and had a ton of banners and marketing material! It was perfect.

I added it to the blog page with the video and let loose to my database.

That was a few days ago and I already have over $100 in my Clickbank account that wasn't there before.

I am waiting on approval from soon as I get it I am going to offer downloads as well. In the meantime, THANK YOU to The Warrior Forum for showing me opportunities that I was missing!

If you want to see the video it's at

Or, you can just wait as I'm sure it will be featured on the MTV Video Music Awards later this year...
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    Great job monetizing that traffic - but who made Flo Rida the number 1 rapper in the country? I must be getting old.

    Although, I do like his song "Low" - Low | Flo Rida | Music Video | MTV

    Are you selling stuff through CafePress also? How are you allowed to use their image?
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    • Profile picture of the author Mark Kaye
      Originally Posted by Ron Douglas View Post

      who made Flo Rida the number 1 rapper in the country?
      His fans! (I guess.) He has the Number 1 download on iTunes and he is #1 on the Billboard Hot 100!

      Originally Posted by Ron Douglas View Post

      Are you selling stuff through CafePress also? How are you allowed to use their image?
      No. I won't create anything with someone elses image, however, there are existing stores and websites that offer affiliate programs for artist merchandise.

      PS: "Low" is a great song....even my 2 year old knows the words...
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        Seems like ringtones would be a natural fit for a site with music fans going to it.
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        Hip Hop is a big business. The music crosses (and joins) racial lines blending black and white and brown into a lovely shade of money green!

        Marketers should look more closely at the market and see how they can get a piece of it.

        Looks like you already have!
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      Originally Posted by Ron Douglas View Post

      Great job monetizing that traffic - but who made Flo Rida the number 1 rapper in the country? I must be getting old.
      What's up Ron...

      We're both getting old, I thought TuPac was still #1.

      Jokes aside...Flo-rida is pretty popular. Even the UK Telegraph is doing writeups on him...

      US rapper Flo Rida tops singles chart - Telegraph

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    As a buyer of your WSO Radio Publicity Star...all I can say is, "CONGRATS" dude. That is awesome! Good golly miss molly. This forum rocks, the people are the best and you're cool for sharing. BTW, the WSO is excellent. (I'm a former TV news director and I know).
    Way to go MARK!

    No sig today.

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  • Profile picture of the author Duffey Moon
    Thats awesome! Maybe find some CPAs too

    Please read the sig file rules

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  • Profile picture of the author Adam Jackson
    LOL rocked the rap my man! Grats on the new cash flow.

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  • Profile picture of the author RebeccaL
    CPA offers would be killer for stuff like this... you have a great platform for exposure.
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  • Profile picture of the author Noel2010
    Yes, CPA ringtone offers will be even better for this.
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    Haha great story, like others have said - ringtones and mobile offers is where it's at-

    Good luck!

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    • Profile picture of the author edlewis
      I don't know Mark, to me it seems like "pimping" offers like ringtones on your website would do nothing more than possibly alienate your fans. Maybe a banner ad for ringtones could make you some extra cash, but I wouldn't pimp it too hard if I were you.

      Unlike other "internet marketers" there is a bigger picture for you and your career when it comes to what you are doing online.

      Getting your song/songs on iTunes is huge.

      Have you ever thought about taking your parody songs to the "next level"...?

      Look at the "The Lonely Island" guys, their album is #12 at iTunes right now and it's a comedy album. Now they have gotten a big push from NBC and Saturday Night Live because Andy Samburg is on SNL and in the band and some of the videos have run on SNL.

      Still, it shows you that people will pay for a comedy album.

      Perhaps you could put together your own album, even if it's a "Greatest Hits" type of thing...or you could even kind of "invent" your own band or alter-ego if you wanted to go that route.

      Just some ideas...

      I wish you continued success man....gonna have to check out the show too. I see I can listen live on the internet. Do you have any kind of podcasts or anything like that? I'm not always up really early.[]

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