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Hi everyone! Im Jonathan.

I wanted to know what are the best ways to recruit affiliates? what are the most effective strategies you use?
promoting on forums? CPC?

I'm in a quite unique niche in the tobacco business where there's not a lot of affiliates like in the gaming industry.
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    There's lots of different methods you can use and some will work better in certain niches then others but here's a few of the top strategies that I use:

    1) Simply contacting other webmasters. Find the email addresses of owners of other tobacco sites and tell them why they should be promoting your stuff.

    2) Forums where affiliates hang out. Find places where tobacco affiliates hang out and advertise your program in your signature and network with affiliates.

    3) Have a separate email list for your affiliates so that you can follow up with your potential affiliates and remind them of why they should be promoting your program.

    4) Have a great program! By just having a really good offer affiliates will find you. Affiliates are quite snoopy and if they see other people promoting an offer they are likely to test it out for themselves.

    5) Make sure your offer converts. It's one thing to recruit affiliates but it's another to keep them. Make sure your offer converts better than your competitors and affiliates will promote you for the long run.

    Hope these ideas help!
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      Puta, thanks for the reply. love your name BTW.

      -conversion wise we rock, we are selling our products 50% cheaper than what the pay on the kiosks and we are 20% cheaper than our strongest competitor. we also offer free shipping. top notch products. for american smokers we are a dream come true.

      - commission wise we offer 25% cpa for life(no life span) with a $50 registration gift. much better than our strongest competitor.

      It seems that there's no enough cigarette affiliates out there dedicated to the tobacco market. This niche is a virgin ! ;-)
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      Nice tips Puta.Will be sure to use some of these myself.
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    You're going to have to network.

    Go to conferences and events (preferably)

    Or else find other content creators in your niche, be it bloggers, manufactures, or info product creators and get to know them.

    PS - you really didn't answer the conversion question. Saying your product is cheaper and you have a better incentive plan doesn't mean your product is converting better.
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    The key to gaining affiliates is networking and marketing. You need to visit places where people have an interest in your niche. Try doing a local seminar or an online webinar then invite people to attend.

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    Hello Jonathan, I am looking for those answers too. I did see on here, a JV section and for $100 you can list your product for 10 years! I am working on a killer Premium WP Template that doubles squeeze optins and is build on the latest HTML5 technologies.. So my question:

    MY concern is this;
    1) My IM friends now, say they will mail, but only sometimes get around to it. But its a great start.
    2) Suffering from the 80/20 rule, 10 people you talk to, 2 only do much.
    3) Just getting listed in all the Affiliate networks, DOESn't get you affiliates.

    So how do you buy into this deal to avoid this?
    Buy a swap list, focused on Affilates?
    Who would be a good affiliate manager?
    Pay $100 to advertise on affiliate board?
    ISn't their some service that doesn't break the bank on this one? Maybe takes a %?
    JV Managers often drop the ball, anyone want to recommend one?

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    Seems as though the best advice would be like most people said, go to some affiliate forums.

    Be careful though, you probably wasting your time on anyting with an alexa ranking under 500K. These are higher.
    5 Star Affiliate Marketing Forums
    Affiliate Programs Forums

    My biggest concern, is spending time listing with all the CPA networks, and just having your offer SIT there. Happened to me plenty. Need a person who is a JV Broker to take charge for this and connect the right people.. Any suggestions?

    These guys help recruit, any feeback on them? Looks expensive! lol Any more junior companies out there like this?
    Affiliate Recruitment

    Okay enough rattling, hope this helps.
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