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Hi everyone, can anyone tell me how can I write excellent and effective web content? Prospects feel more exciting and interesting.
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    Originally Posted by ezer3 View Post

    Hi everyone, can anyone tell me how can I write excellent and effective web content? Prospects feel more exciting and interesting.
    Simple: give the customers/subscribers/casual readers what they want to read. Yes that's a generic answer, but that's about all you are going to get from a question like this. It is the best generic answer for it though. We don't know what your specific readers in your specific niche want to read about.

    That's your job.

    Figure out what they want, and simply give it to them. That'll be interesting and exciting enough for them.
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    Hi everyone, can anyone tell me how can I write excellent and effective web content? Prospects feel more exciting and interesting.
    Try to be entertaining and fresh as well as informative and educational (depending on the niche you're writing about).

    It helps to be controversial as well as humorous and NOT BE BORING. Learning some copy would help too.

    If your content just sounds like some long boring technical thesis about your niche then people will fall asleep.

    One way to do this is to include stories to back up your claims. People love stories rather than just cold hard facts.

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    one of the seo tools is good and fresh web content to increase a traffic for site.
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      Read, read, read then read some more. You can learn so much by studying the way other writers captivate their audiences.

      Invest in a few books (or borrow them from the library) on several different topics and grow your knowledge base.

      Create a list of your favorite blogs and analyze what makes them so engaging. Why is the writer able to hold you with their words? Figure out what it is they do so well, then adapt it to your own style of writing - but keep your writing unique and true to who you are.

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    A great trick I learned when writing essays in college is to read everything I've written out loud- sometimes we write in a contorted or artificial fashion, and reading everything out loud is a great way to see where we are doing that.
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    To create good web content try using a small recorder that you can put in your pocket. Then just talk naturally on the subject you would like to write about. Talk as if you were talking to a friend and telling them about your service or product. You can then play it back and put your thoughts into words on paper. I have found that as I play back my thoughts it can spark more ideas and help me to add more content to my writing.

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    The only way to write "excellent" content is to write, write and write some more. Writing is a skill that takes a lot of practice...we all write a lot of garbage before we come up with something we can be proud of.

    "It's never too late to be what you might have been." ~ George Eliot

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    Originally Posted by ezer3 View Post

    Hi everyone, can anyone tell me how can I write excellent and effective web content? Prospects feel more exciting and interesting.
    Focus on writing valuable content that your visitors and readers can learn something from. Make your articles very informative and try to establish yourself as an authority within your niche
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    Write in a suitable style for your niche. Give your visitors something of value, and build a relationship with them. Add humour if appropriate and just keep on practising.

    The more you write, the better you will become.
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    Imagine your target reader sitting in front of you. Envision his fears and dreams. Do extensive research to find out his problems and some solutions to those problems. Then imagine talking to him as you would to a friend and write down what you'd say.
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    • Write content that provides value to your readers and answers their questions. Create controversy and express your point of view. Choose captivating titles that grab attention. Use videos and images in your post, and keep accessibility in mind when writing your article.
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    Focus your content on what you can do for your readers, not how great your company is, all about you, etc. Write as though you were speaking to your reader personally.

    Break your content up so it's easily scannable, use bold headings and highlight the points you feel will strike emotion most in your audience. You have to appeal to your readers problems/pain/need, and set your content apart from your competition by making it unique in some way.

    Really capture their attention - and do it right from the first word.

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    Content that i enjoy gives me something of value in return for my time. For instance if I'm looking at a instructional guitar site, it helps that they throw out a sample of an instructional video that i can use immediately. if it has value i will stay and possibly purchase something else. A Landscaping site may want to offer tips on soil selection of your garden. Read field reports and filter the information, simplify it and give it back to the audience.
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    Originally Posted by ezer3 View Post

    Hi everyone, can anyone tell me how can I write excellent and effective web content? Prospects feel more exciting and interesting.
    Googling, and I got it
    how to write excellent and effective web content

    Don't worry be happy!

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    Try adding humor into your articles. Also, I heard lists (top 10, top 5 etc.) are very popular and sit well with readers. They are also great link baits.
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      Originally Posted by deesonjame View Post

      Try adding humor into your articles.
      I'll be the first to point to attempted humor when it comes to improving content. It is very niche specific though, and shouldn't be given as a generic answer. Someone with low self-esteem and looking to lose weight doesn't want to hear a bunch of fat jokes. Someone who just learned they have sickness X and are emotionally devastated aren't in a position to have someone make light of their ailment.

      You need to know your audience, and use comedy in small doses.
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    hi friend, read valuable books and find the sentence making for each and every sentence. Please read this page.
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    It used to be easy to write "GOOD" and "EFFECTIVE" web content. How?

    Step 1: Find your niche
    Step 2: Load up Google keyword selector tool
    Step 3: Find exact matches
    Step 4: Find low search volume terms with low competition
    Step 5: Write content that target these
    Step 6: Build backlinks to the content using the target keywords in your anchors.

    This was called keyword sniping. It made some people good money. Some still make bank off this technique. But Penguin and Panda made many keyword snipers cry recently.

    Google has cracked down on keyword sniping.

    The NEW way to do keyword sniping is to add the following steps:

    Find hot topics in social networks that involve your target theme (focus on themes not keywords). Reverse engineer the content they talk about when talking about your theme. Come up with an EYE OPENING variation but don't troll. At the very least, this gets you noticed, at its best, it gets you backlinks and some level of credibility. Keep at it to build your pages' authority level.
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    There is no alternative of reading a lot to write good content. Read some good articles and try to understand why they are good. Then develop your one accordingly. the best practice is write on the topic you have clear idea. If you don't have depth idea regarding a topic, you can not produce something good. Give more time to acquire knowledge on the topic you want to write.

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      There are so many different ways to create good and effective content. A lot does depend on what your niche is, as has been already stated.

      The one thing that I have found to be very effective is to write material that your readers find compelling. Looking for every day situations and goings on that people can relate to and drawing points of your article to those situations is very effective. This can be done in every tone that an article can be written in.

      The number one thing you want to do is keep your reader engaged and wanting to read further. Think of your piece as a step or rung on a ladder. Starting with your title as the first rung and following along with each sentence as another rung or step further is a great way to structure your piece. Each sentence should be compelling, exciting or interesting enough to lead the reader through to the next rung.

      The last thing you want to do is lead your reader partially up the ladder with a great title and first couple of sentences, then have your piece turn boring. You'll cause your reader to doze off and fall off the ladder and people who fall off ladders don't like the pain involved and have a tendency to avoid faulty ladders from that point on. Needless to say, that's not good for your business.

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      thank you all....
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    Hey mate, writing effective content also depends on what you want to write.

    If you are writing an ebook then you must be informative and precise but in terms of sales copy the approach must be absolutely different.

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