Do You Suffer From Ignorance or...

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...lack of execution?

If you aren't getting the expected results from your online business activities is it due to ignorance (not understanding, not knowing, in the dark so never starting) or is it due to lack of or poor execution (doing consistently what you understand to do)?

In other words most list building products start out with something like this:

1. Pick a niche market by going to the CB marketplace, Amazon, looking at your interests, doing keyword research, etc.
2. Write a 7 page free report about that niche with a catchy title and compelling content.
3. Buy a domain and put up a squeeze page to get people to join your list and download your report.
4. Drive traffic to your squeeze page by buying PPC ads, doing SEO, writing articles, or getting your Facebook friends to come look.
5. Keep writing good content that you send out to your list regularly and mix in affiliate and other good offers.

Is your main problem that:
  • You really don't understand these kinds of basic steps so you aren't getting results because you don't know what to do or where to start? OR
  • You understand the basic steps but you've never wrote the free report, bought the domain, tried to send traffic, etc. and done what you understand to do consistently? OR
  • You understand completely and have followed every step to a T but still aren't getting the results you want?
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  • I think its not as simple as it might seem. Each step that you listed takes skill and intuition to accomplish, not to mention luck (when it comes to finding a good kw). You can be great at almost all of those steps but if you fail at one then your business usually follows.

    It takes time to learn to master each step.
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    I feel like it used to be that easy. Have an offer, squeeze page, the "smart" ones had some sort of funnel or upsell perhaps, and your income would grow with the size of your list. Times are achanging though... people are becoming more aware and less susceptible to such promotional tactics. Becoming part of that "next era" of Internet marketers is going to be a big for newbies now.
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