Information overload/time management/organisation

by Rob P
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Anyone struggling with a lack of headspace and in need of a well-organised time management system? This is an area I struggled with massively when I started out and It has taken me a long time (plus a lot of late nights, hair pulling and tantrums) to develop a very easy way to organise my day for maximum productivity. We had our best month of $30k online in June and I couldn’t have achieved this without a reliable system to keep me on track.

I've been off the air for a long time due to serious ill-health but this is a thread I started some time ago which has the basis of what I’m talking about – I hope it helps anyone who is struggling with this important foundation to succeeding online... (there are several entries from me in the thread which explain what I'm talking about - post #5 explains more about the checklists).

I will release the free report mentioned in this thread very soon and, again if there is enough interest, I have my complete program including all my checklists to release as a WSO. I guess I’m just testing the water to see who is interested or in need of a product like this. Please let me know if you’re interested…
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