What's your favorite shortcut?

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Every successful internet marketer learns or develops ways to do things faster. Other than outsourcing, what's your favorite shortcut that makes it easier to run your business?
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    Templates and swipe files. I have templates for PDF reports, videos, articles and swipes for blog post titles, subject lines, twitter posts, etc.

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    I don't think there is any short cut.

    You learn the skills you have and then become better/faster at them.

    Its like this.
    My hobby is building cars. Building a motor from the ground up with forged/aftermarket parts.

    When I first started (with me having all the parts) it would take me a full day to get it together.

    Now with that same motor and parts I could put it together in less then an hour.

    I didn't find a short cut I just understand the skills and became better at them.

    This is a true story. I have a YouTube video of the motor getting built.

    The only other short cut would be having a program to cut your work down.
    You have to pay for this short cut so its really not a short cut as its coming out of your pocket.
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