Whats the best cheapest possible way to promote a social site

by naptor
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Whats the best cheapest possible way to promote a social site i want to promote naptor social & dating site.

Google is far too expensive.
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    You can use Facebook and Twitter to promote your site if you have lots of friends on these social networks.
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    Cheapest normally doesn't equal anywhere near the best...if you're going to look into promoting something, I would suggestion you allocate adequate funds to do so, or find some other promotional method.
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    I think you could use Adwords Display Network and bid for $0.01.

    Here's how to get $0.01 from ADN:
    1. choose for display network, not search network (the banner ads)
    2. target for all countries (this will make your clicks very cheap)

    You'll get not very targeted traffic but I believe this type of traffic fit your dating websites.

    Hope it helps
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    Craigslist would be good but be careful with spam. They have strict policies but you could probably get away with some small biz ads, etc.
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    You can try myspace or those social bookmarking like digg.com.

    Article writing is also a good way to promote your dating site.

    Or, you can create a video and post on youtube. Don't have to spend $$ using these methods.
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    Personally, I would use other social networking sites to promote it. This is mostly because social networks are one of my strengths. I wouldn't suggest Naptor instead of what they are currently using, but as a option in addition to their current social networking as a "enhancement" to what they're already doing online.
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    I would use heavy traffic facebook sites. That is the best way. And you can get lots of funneled traffic that way too.

    Even if you have to pay them a little bit it is worth it. We have paid 9.95 for our ad to show on a heavy traffic site and that ad brings in about $300 each month without fail. It is in a silly niche too. Fancy that.
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