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At the risk of sounding stupid.... If I wish to make screenshot videos for youtube and I have Camstudio or another form of screenshot software what do I require to get audio on to the vids. Do I need a microphone etc... On another note if I ma short on time would you outsource making these types of videos and if so anyone know anyone or anywhere good to do this.

Thanks In Advance
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    Yes, you'll want to get a decent mic to record your voice. Although you can use text in some situations..

    Also, you can add a mp3 or wav file as a sound track.

    IMO, you'll want to be able to do all three so you have more versatility when creating videos.
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    If you don't have a mic you may be able to use your cell phone. Some phones record in .wav and .mp3 so you can record your narration, transfer it to your computer, and add video.

    For outsourcing check out Fiverr and the Warriors for Hire section of this forum.

    Facebook page for inspiration & JV opportunities-

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    I use Jing to do screen capture because then you can get really specific instead of taking the whole screen. I use Audacity to record my voice. Then I either make it myself using Animoto (upload your voice recording as "music") or get someone on fiverr.

    All the best to you. Remember your time is money so don't spend more than an hour or two. Outsource it!
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      I still will need a microphone to record audio with audacity is this true !!

      Peter Thompson
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        Originally Posted by Peter Thompson View Post

        I still will need a microphone to record audio with audacity is this true !!
        Yes you need a microphone to record audio. No software can help you get around that.

        Facebook page for inspiration & JV opportunities-

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    if you want to outsource you can search in
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    Pretty much all devices have an inbuilt mic, but if you want better audio quality, you are better off with an external mic. Even a $30 mic will do a pretty reasonable job.
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    I use Cam Studio to record the videos, and then I use Windows Live Movie Maker to put it together. If you are looking for music for your videos, you can go to Tradebit and buy some royalty free clips for $5 or less.

    Windows Live Movie Maker will also allow you to combine images with music and also they have several awesome effects you can use to transition the images and fade out music, etc.

    If you are doing a screen capture video with Cam Studio, it can be difficult if you want to set it to music because getting CamStudio to record "from the speakers" usually causes "wave out get select" errors.

    So, you could take the screen capture first, then upload that to the movie maker. Then, you upload the music and movie maker will sync it perfectly for you. You could then also add special effects like credits, etc.

    Another cool way to make movies is to make slides using Open Office Impress. You can then export the slides as "html documents" and turn them into images, which can then be added to movie maker and synced with music, etc.
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