Best Way To Monetize My Humor Site?

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Hey Guys,

I have had a site called Waiter Stories | Funny Waitress Blog for a couple of years. Making that site is actually what got me into internet marketing. Basically waiters submit funny stories that happen to them while they are working and I put them on the site. I get around 1,000 views a day but only really make money from selling ad space (which is not that much).

Does anybody have any ideas on a good way to monetize this site? I know build a list etc but I was thinking some sort of CPA or something that would appeal to this niche, it is just tough because nobody is thinking of spending money when they come to this site.

Any ideas or feedback would be greatly appreciated!
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    It is a PR 3 site. Why not sell advertorials? HRM schools and online degree providers might be lucrative ad clients for your site.
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    Do you people from which country are visiting mostly? Knowing that may help you promote local offers. For example, if most of the people are from france, pick the most famous products from france (fragrance, makeup kits etc.) and post their banner with affiliate links.

    Affiliate links are not allowed.

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    How about putting banner ads from adsense on your site.

    I look at always put adsense banner ads on their adspace. Or you could look at other popular humor sites like yours and track down their advertisers.
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    Thanks guys, those are some great ideas...I really like the idea about the HRM schools!
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    Hey there,

    I would like to second the thought of AdSense, but with the caveat that it may, or may not be your endgame solution. Something I have noticed is that AdSense itself may tell you who you should approach directly for ad sales. If you start seeing a plethora of ads for a certain school, it may be because this is the most profitable ad for your site. If you approach the school directly, they may be interested in buying adspace from you directly.

    I really like the earlier suggestion by imgeek2727 about various educational outlets. Always remember who your clients are: People working their way through school. Not everyone, of course, but the majority will fit this demographic.

    Until you get this figured out, though, there is little harm is getting some AdSense on there right away.

    I would also suggest that you consider looking into something like Socrates, or CTRtheme if you are going to be hoping for the best results from AdSense.

    As someone who has waited tables in the past, I appreciated this post, just so I could read the stories. :-) I wish you well, and hope this is something that grows into a lifestyle for you.
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    I also have a humor site that gets around 1200-1500 uniques a day. The only revenue source on it is adsense and it doesn't add up to much. Thanks for asking this question. I'm looking forward to seeing some other answers.
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      Thanks everybody. Using adsense to narrow down a good advertiser is something I have never thought of before. I will also be looking into text link ads. I will also for sure check out socrates.

      @LastChance always nice to meet a fellow industry veteren! I have over 400 stories on there now. I also released an ebook for kindle with about 300 but no sales yet. I did a little interview with parade magazine but so far the story has not been published, told them about the ebook hoping that would drive some sales for me...but we shall see.

      The best method I have so far is just from one advertiser but it has been a steady 125 a month for well over a year, not much to write home about but it is as autopilot as I can get....just wish I had 10 more!

      I will keep you guys posted on how it goes when I try some of these strategies...
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