Six Experiences for Creating Sitemaps

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For sitemap, it is actually a kind of interactive table of contents, in which each listed item links directly to its counterpart sections of the Web site, just as a traditional geographical map helps people find places they are looking for in the real world. So an excellent sitemap is really helpful for internal link.

Then here I will share some experiences about sitemap.

1. Sitemap must be static page. This is because static page is much more friendly for search engines to index your pages.

2. It is better to directly entitle name as sitemap which is conductive to search engines identify our sitemap. For example, one of my sitemap is HTML SiteMap.

3. The number of sitemap links should not be too many. Otherwise, search engines may regard this as cheating. So I advise you to keep the number to less than one hundred.

4. The site that sitemap page links to is static URL. Just what I have said before, search engines prefer static URL as this can effectively guild search engines indexing more pages.

5. Each link object is anchor text and the anchor text should be the same as the keyword to the link page.

6. The link to the sitemap page should be added on most of the sites page.

All in all, a qualified and perfect sitemap plays an important role in SEO, search engines indexing, users' experiences improving. It provides all the essential entrance to the columns, contents etc, which cannot be achieved by any other pages. Therefore, making full use of sitemap is a good basic for network optimization.
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    May be others do not figure out the importance of sitemap~~
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    I couldn't find your app under any of the awards you posted on your site. I also see that it puts sponsored links in the footer. Can they be removed or changed to our own sponsors?

    Your tips aren't entirely clear. Certainly most understand the importance of sitemaps and many good tools and plugins create them.

    You also failed to distinguish between a sitemap for the search engines in XML and a sitemap to guide visitors in HTML.

    Many themes and plugins for Wordpress put a sitemap link in the footer so it is available on every page.

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