Alexa Rank - Do You Boast?

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I just added the widget to my blog.
It's not a metric I've really regarded as important.


I thought why not just include it.

What's you Alexa Rank?
Do you boast about it?
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    Alexa Rank is not accurate.
    Widget may slow down your website's speed.
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    thats great> where did you find this widget?
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    There's nothing to boast about, for all i or anyone else knows you spent $5 at fiverr for a million junk bot page views to artificially lower your Alexa rank. I occasionally use Alexa but it's for something i specifically want to research like demographics for a particular site or where most of the search traffic is coming from etc.
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      There is no proof of rank boosting if you use alexa rank widget. i read lot of seo discussions and none of them discussed about it. My opinion is, it will not effect your rank but it shows your visitors some authenticity of your website.
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    Alexa rank = the degree to which Alexa Smith laughs at you for doing things that don't matter?

    -- j

    Posting About Life & Video Games:

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    I used to think Alexa rank was important, but it's really not. It's just a number, and I don't think it's very accurate.
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    It is a small factor.... 9 times out of 10 it is correct.

    If someone approaches me and says "Check out my XYZ site, I need promotion".....and I go there and it is 10 mil Alexa it is pretty certain that they are getting about 1 hit per day.

    It's something that IM'ers use in their checklist to evaluate competition

    I am looking for web traffic gurus

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    I do check Alexa from time to time,

    Alexa is not perfect or 100% accurate, but it is certainly important, even those who try tricks on Alexa doesn't last for long.

    If you have a real alexa ranking, it says a lot about your website. However, I wouldn't add their badge to my website, it doesn't add much to a website
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    What's you Alexa Rank? < Wastage of time
    Do you boast about it? <
    Wastage of time
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    I don't boast about it. Why should I? It is very easy to fake through software. In fact, there are shady alexa boosting 'services' being offered in some places. Not good. Real success is all about ethical practices and building a quality brand. It takes hard work, building relationships, making the right sacrifices, and taking the right risks. Nowhere in that list is "taking shortcuts" included.
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    I know it's a vanity stat.
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    I could absolutely care less about my Alexa rank. I'm sure my opinion might different if I was in the top 100 sites visited here in the states. That said, like I just explained, who gives a ****?

    I care about targeted traffic, my conversion ratio, and more importantly my sales numbers. I'm more concerned about the people landing on my pages and clicking the back button rather than worrying about a silly Alexa rank.
    You're going to fail. If you're afraid of failure then you do not belong in the Internet Marketing Business. Period.
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    Good Alexa rank can give you More guest posts, and people consider well ranked blogs to be high quality. So they tend to link them more. Alexa plays a very important in playing mind game it can also give you more advertisement. That is why i give importance to boosting your Alexa rank..!
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    Alexa is useful for certain reasons:

    If you have a popular blog with a good alexa ranking, you will attract advertisers to buy banner spaces, guest posts etc.
    If you aim to sell your website in the future, having a nice alexa ranking will only increase the price since you have traffic.

    Among the first things I do when looking to buy a website is check the alexa ranking...

    so it is not worthless..

    Another question is how much to spend to buy traffic to get that ranking --> it depends on what you want to achieve.

    Just buying traffic to get this ranking is not smart, unless you have enough money and want the prestige
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    As it is not accurate, many people do not put much attention, but a few do...It is not a must have , but it does not hurt either.
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    Alexa ranking not really that important to me as Page Rank and SERP ranking .
    Unless i going to sell my domain then alexa ranking might be a small term that need to look at for purchase domain.
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    I thinks its just important when you listing your site for selling on sites like Flippa etc.
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