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Hello fellow warriors! This is going to be my 15th post on this forum and I wanted to make it a good one so I have been holding out for a while.

I'm thinking about making a new product in what seems to be an untapped market.

"How To Roller Skate"<--- this keyword gets over 100k searches a month yet there isn't a product on click bank.

I only thought about this because I do roller skate "Aggressive Inline" as its technical name.

If you are in for a laugh and want to see me skate skip to about 1.10 in this video.

Im the one with the shaggy long hair in the blue

That my youtube channel... Never mind the gaming xD

I was just seeking some extra oppinions to see if this would be a good market to make a product in .


Matt Williams
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    You can't just think about ClickBank when it comes to products. There are a lot of free videos and paid DVDs about teaching people how to roller skate. Unless you have a new view on it, it seems like it would be a competitive market to enter.
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    Sounds like a great niche, and better you have a passion for it.
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    you may create your own squeeze page & sales page. Then, promote it to get traffic.
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    The term "How to roller skate" gets 1900 unique searched per month, so it's not really the 100k you mentioned. Actually, the broad term gets 550k searches per month...

    Umm, what you could do is this:

    You could build a squeeze page and get traffic on that. You can have free videos teaching people to roller skate as a bribe.

    How would you earn money then? Easy. You make recommendations what kind of roller skates your customers should buy. You can also sell protective gear as an affiliate.

    Later on in the sequence, you can try creating your own product about "Aggressive inline" or other advanced roller skating techniques and selling that.

    I wouldn't try to create a product just around the "how to roller skate" because that is too basic and the skill is not really that complicated (lots of roller skaters).

    My 2 cents.
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  • Hi Matt!

    Your marketing idea isn't bad; however, there are also thousands or even millions of other people who probably thought of the same idea. I can't give any other good advice or ideas but just remember this: When you think of something good (a new idea, perhaps) there are always more people who thought of it at the same time. So make sure that when you have a new idea, be fast about it and do something that will make it stand out from the rest.

    I agree with some posts here, if you want to use "how to roller skate" as you niche, then be more specific about it. Teaching how to roller skate IS a bit common so have something like new techniques or new approaches on existing techniques and the like.

    Hope this helps.
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