Where should newbies start???

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Hey everyone,

Just wondering where a beginner should start when it comes to Internet marketing and making money on the web.

I recently read "bum marketing" by Travis sago, is this a good article for newbies to follow? I thought there was some good stuff in it but is it successful?

Is there any other articles or people that know where newbies should start???

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Throw away all you've read. Erase all the hype. Instead, spend some time thinking about what type of content you're interested in. What are you passionate about? Don't focus on the money-that will come later. Focus instead on something that you can eagerly promote day after day after day even if, at first, you don't see any results.

    Working from passion is the cornerstone of success.

    If you want me to continue with this advice, just let me know. Some parts of this free coaching advice turns the old model of affiliate marketing upside down.
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    Originally Posted by Vaughn william View Post

    Hey everyone,

    Just wondering where a beginner should start when it comes to Internet marketing and making money on the web.

    I recently read "bum marketing" by Travis sago, is this a good article for newbies to follow? I thought there was some good stuff in it but is it successful?

    Is there any other articles or people that know where newbies should start???

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    This forum has a lot of information to help many newbies make money online. Begin with reading some threads in this forum and learning about different methods and something that you would feel comfortable doing. But... Don't just read, implement what you learn and take action to secure your financial future
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    Imgeek is right.

    Think of it as your business. Once you understand its yours, you will enjoy building it.

    Its never fun building a business for someone else. Find a niche you will enjoy and start building off that. Stick with what you started. Don't give up. Keep pushing forward.

    Read through the forums and make some friends.

    The best peace of advice I can think of right now is - take ALL the fast money ideas and through them out of your mind. Don't search for them. Don't read any of them. It will just get you off track of the big picture. Building a business you enjoy.
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    You can learn easily by this way.
    Study 1st method and > implement it.
    Study 2nd method and > implement it.

    After trying some methods you'll find the exact one that will work for you on longer basis.

    Join War room to get great ebooks and methods.
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    Whatever you do, whichever path you take, do not get stuck into perpetual learning mode. Always keep a study-implement ratio of 1:1 - for every hour you study, implement for an hour. The problem that most newbies face is too much learning, not enough action. This can go for months and months with nothing to show for!
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    Hey man! I know it seems overwhelming on where to start, we have all been on that road. You have some good advice already. Try starting up a blog on reviewing products you currently own. By doing this you will have unique content in your own words, plus it will be easier for you to write a 400+ word article.

    IM is hard work, but if you are in it for the long run and work at it. YOU will find what you are good at. I have done so much trial and error (still am), its what you learn from though.

    One of the hardest parts is sticking to one thing at a time to make it work. Trust me, when I first started I wanted to do everything and one idea was better then the next. Just read alot take notes on what fits your style. Hope to see a post from you on the first money you have made in IM.

    Catch you later....
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    I guess you have to be sure what you are passionate about in deciding on which niche you want to go into. IM is really not easy nor tough; it boils down to how determine you want to make it happen.

    Once you have decided on the niche, do up a business plan, model, timetable, checklist and just start doing.

    Just do it.
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    Thanks everyone, every post here has been helpful.
    I hope I have success to report in the future, thanks again
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    Isn't Bum Marketing the book that tells you to just write a ton of articles and submit them to directories? That alone doesn't work anymore. It is part of article syndication marketing though, which is still very lucrative when done correctly.

    Article Writing & Syndication Explained?
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    I think newbies should read *everything* they can get there hands on. Then they should consider the sources - look at the results. If someone tells you they do SEO look at how their site performs etc...
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    First thing, choose where you want to be. And what to do. Choose niche. Then concentrate to promote...
    For newbie the gold rule : Does not matter what kind of business you will begin. Blogging, Affiliate..You need concentrate on one kind of business. Do not jump to different ideas. Most beginners does this and fails pretty quickly...
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    If you have never made money online, I would suggest you start by offering any kind of service. It can be article writing, proof reading or anything else.

    Earning your first dollar online will give you the confidence, and you can further reinvest that money in your online business.

    Free Training: How To Turn What You Already Know Into A Profitable Digital Product:

    [Done For You] Web Design Business In A Box (Zero Technical Skills Required)

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    Find out what your passion is. Do you like to write, design, program? Are you a good sales person? Once you find your niche then build your IM strategy from there. If your heart is not in it your results for IM could be poor. What gets you going? What keeps the fire burning and makes you want to stay up all night to market your product? You may need to test a couple of niches till you find something that keeps your interest.

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    Stay focused and don't get sucked into information overload - When you first start out theres always something new to learn this forum will help you tons
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    Stick the Nike's slogan in front of your PC: "Just do it!"
    Yes, don't read anything more. Just pick any method mentioned here on WF and go for it
    Personally, I'd recommend Fiverr. U might be interested in how I earned 1000 usd from Fiverr with a Moodancing gig
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    Thank you so much for letting us know about this! I must say that you are a very dedicated person to have written a wonderful post like this! It is very useful to me. thanks a lot.
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    Passion, planning and the willingness to adapt. Once you've set your goals then its time to start planning. The Warrior Forum has been a very huge help to me when I researched for methods and techniques during my planning phase. Once you've got your plan then go ahead and work on it. Just don't be afraid to revise it and adapt to new developments. Also as someone as mentioned here, don't get stuck too much on the planning phase, even if you have a perfect plan, it still won't implement itself.
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      As a newbie myself, everyone here is so right about actually taking action. That is the part I find the hardest because there are so many directions. The thought of everything is so overwhelming - like starting a blog to build a list, well, there are so many blogs out there that what would make mine different? Then there is affiliate marketing, but where to begin on what products and what niche? Yes, everyone says do what you love, but I'm telling you that is so hard to figure out in itself. There are a million people that are passionate like you about probably the same things, so I'm just stuck on what will make me stand out. So this is why no action as taken place. I actually decided just this morning, that I'm starting fresh. I picked a new domain and I'm giving blogging a try again. I'm going to blog about what I know and feel and hopefully people enjoy it. Anyways, the one bit of advice I can give from one newbie to another - don't buy anything! Just figure out the direction you want to go in and do a search in the forums. Plenty of free information so don't get suckered into anything and trust me, you will want to. Remember, if it sounds to good to be true...
      "The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it."

      A man asked Buddha "I want happiness" Buddha said " First remove "I" that's ego, then remove "want" that's desire. See now you are left with only happiness "
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    3 Step System...

    1. Research successful products in a niche that you have some interest/passion around...reverse engineer the successful product to understand WHY it is selling well...this gives you the demand and supply side of successful niche markets

    2. Start a blog to build traffic, branding and loyalty/credibility within your market - most important is to capture names from our blog to begin building your list

    3. Develop an information product (report, ebook, book, course, membership site) around the most pressing questions and demand in your marketplace..create a sales page and promote your product to your list and blog readers.

    Viola...you're on your way.

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    No one can answer which direction you should start in because in the right hands, ALL of them make money. The best thing to do is to read a bunch of threads and eventually something going to make you think, "You know, I COULD DO THAT", then you start. Now, the reality is, using someone's method exactly as it's stated probably won't work wonderfully - it's probably a bit saturated about 30 minutes after it's posted... BUT find a unique way to 'twist it' or combining 2 or more methods has a much higher chance of success.
    The most important thing is to read but then take action. It doesn't matter if you spend the next 2 years reading, if you never do something yourself, you will not make a dime in IM. So... Read, Learn, Do, Refine, Do-again, (repeat as needed), Profit.
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    Taking action is over rated. Oooo... Did he really say that? Yep.

    Before you just mindlessly take action you need to take a look around. There's a lot that goes into marketing and promotion. There's Web and graphic design. There are tons of opportunities in the software industry. There's social networking. There's SEO. There's content and sales writing, and a lot, lot more out there.

    Contrary to what so many people believe, not everyone is cut out to market info products. My hat's off to the Warrior up at the front of this thread who mentioned finding your passion. Your passion might be in video creation. You could earn a fortune just helping others create great videos and never have to think about writing articles or Web design or any of the stuff people fret so much about on this board.

    Some people are really into social media. If you're failing at IM because you hang out on Facebook all day instead of doing your IM stuff, well, maybe you should take a course or two on social media marketing and then provide that service for people like me, who don't dig FB, twitter and all the rest of it. Social media marketing is smart business. But there are folks who HAVE TO outsource it. And if you like FB and the rest of them, doesn't it make sense to get paid since you're there all day anyway? Of course it does. And that's just one idea. There are dozens of ways to make it online.

    So to answer the OP's question, Where should newbies start? Start by taking a realistic look at yourself and your talents. Ask yourself, am I going to be happy going down a road I don't really like? Forget the money for a minute. The money comes when you figure out what you're supposed to be doing. Because when you get that part right it's not really work and the rest, including money, just falls into place.

    Don't waste your time taking action before you figure out what you're supposed to be doing, what you actually like doing. Yep, he said it again....
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    There is some great advice here. One thing I suggest you don't do is buy product after product and look for a quick fix easy solution. I have been guilty of this and it doesn't work except you have a load of products on your hard drive and nothing to show for it.
    Believe in what you do, provide good content to your readers and follow a proven system.
    Good luck
    For more Internet Marketing Tips and to follow my IM journey go to my personal blog nickyperfect.com

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