Recruiting Affiliates

by Peach
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Anyone have great advice on recruiting affiliates?
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    Hang out at affiliate forums and build credibility by helping people. Point them to the right resources. Coach people in the forum for free. Every action you take in the forum builds your credibility so don't get into fights or arguments. Once people realize that you are a trustworthy person, they would be open to your suggestions. DO NOT abuse your credibility and the trust they give you by promoting garbage offers or offers that don't neatly match their their needs.

    Being a good contributor and a HELPER is the first step to an ethical business based on solid values. Protect your brand.
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    If you're asking, then you're probably not ready to have affiliates. But anyway, to answer your question...

    It depends on what you're selling. You can recruit a lot of affiliates here in the WF. Create an affiliate newsletter and a squeeze page to get affiliates to opt into your JV list.

    Do that by having your sig file redirect to that page. This can be done here, and on other forums related to the products you're selling. Other than that, it's all about networking and marketing yourself as usual. Your guru might want to be an affiliate, your customers might, I might, it all depends.
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    Peach, there is some good advice on these thread, which I have posted some good forum links.
    Snaplitics, Inc. - The Newest & Easiest Website & Landing Page Builder
    SnapPlayer - Users can SNAP to Key Points in your Video
    TheJumpStarter - Catchy, Brandable Domain Names!

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