Is The Still A Good Technique?

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Hello warriors.

I hope you all have had a profitable and successful day. I come to you all with a question about driving traffic. I have a couple of websites with a which have a few offers I would quite like to promote in the near future. As a result I am keen to drive as much traffic as possible to them.

My question concerns advertising in ezines. I don't mean ezine articles, I mean ezines, the email newsletters. I have found a few directories, and they all provide a link for you to message the owner of the advertised ezine. My question is, are ezines still effective in driving traffic? Do any of you use ezines for traffic, and if o do you have any tips? For example is there a particularly good way to structure your email to an ezine owner? Are there certain things they look at in these sorts of emails?

Thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer.

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    personally Endgame, i have subscribed to many newsletters or e-letters as you can call'em however, i don't read any one of them. .. so if you real concern is driving traffic then that is surely not the best place to get value of your $$$

    What would be your product on the website , first analysis that and then go for the approperiate method to give you best ressults ..

    Hope this explains a few things
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