How do you guys protect your WSO from being shared for free ?

by artion
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How do you guys protect your WSO from being shared for free ?
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    I have been using DLGuard for a while and I'm very happy with them.
    You can use it for as many products as you want.

    However if you treat your products as front-ends you shouldn't
    Worry much about it being shared for free,
    its perhaps even very helpful.

    You should lock up the high ticket products and let the little ones
    Bring in as much traffic as possible.

    You normally wouldn't make any profits on your front-ends anyway.
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  • Try to make the back end product so they can't be shared then you have nothing to worry about.

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      Originally Posted by HelpingYouBeAnExpert View Post

      Try to make the back end product so they can't be shared then you have nothing to worry about.
      Can you explain how you mean?

      I know what a backend is, a product you sell after the initial 1st product, but how do you mean it will prevent sharing for free ?
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    many WSO are shared for free in other black hat forums.. is there anyone who found a solution for this ?

    whats up

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    If your Wso happens to be shared for free (very unlikely I have a strong feeling)

    Then what does that tell you? Your Wso was a huge succsess maybe?
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      Originally Posted by Kal Sallam View Post

      If your Wso happens to be shared for free (very unlikely I have a strong feeling)

      Then what does that tell you? Your Wso was a huge succsess maybe?
      This, if it's shared it's an indicator that it's been relatively successful, but they're still stealing your monies!

      You have to find the download links(they usually host them on filesharing sites) and report them to the filehost that they're sharing copyrighted content.

      It's lame to do it all by yourself, especially since it only takes them a few minutes to upload another copy. (and it'll take the filehost a few working days to take it down)

      A warrior has an automatic service in his sig for it, but i can't remember his name. I'm sure he'll be here though.

      EDIT : that's the guy 2 posts below
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        There's a few things you can do:

        1) search your product name, find it on the black hat forums. Read their TOS / DMCA abuse policy, then follow the instructions to report the thread.

        2) In that thread (before reporting it), take note of where the file sits - usually they put it at a share site.

        3) After reporting, go to the share site, and follow the same as #1.

        4) Rinse and repeat with all forums you can find your product at / all download locations.

        ** DON'T fly off the handle, it's not the share site's fault that this is happening, they simply provide a tool people are abusing. And, make sure you allow 24-48 hours (72 if over a weekend) for them to get back to you. They will. What most will do is then block the filename completely and add it to their ban list.

        5) This is a bit cheeky but it works - while I don't like putting affiliate links in the downloads (not fighting this - some do, some don't) - but I DO put links to other products of my own OR the oto.

        Example of one of my kindle products, I linked inside the end document if they missed the OTO they could still get it at .....

        I've had sales from people who bought that only LOL! So obviously they got part free, but paid for the rest.

        Not "every" black hat is malicious (although its annoying). I've seen some legitimately do something like test a wordpress theme, then state they like it and they've paid for it since to thank the author.

        That won't happen if the links are not there.

        Last option: pay $77-$150 (one time or monthly - usually monthly) for a piece of software that you can lock/unlock and block the files from being shared... but most of these are exe files, which knocks out even your regularly paying customers who have a Mac and may not have the alternate solutions to open an exe file.

        Hope this helps.
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          Great tips, Amber!
          I think a good idea is to have a Google Alert for your name and the title of the WSO so as soon as it is spidered you are alerted. That way you know IF they have your stuff. It happened to me when I did a graphics WSO, I saw it was shared right away when I got a Google Alert with my title. In that case I contacted the Admin and asked very politely that it be removed. (I think I whined about having no money and how this was my first WSO) But you know what? It was removed!
          That seemed to stop it being shared...which was nice.

          (I read a review of a recent WSO which was the strategy of joining and selling TO the sites, I guess "Honour Among Thieves" would be the name of that strategy )
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    Use a membership site where information is provided on web pages, instead of a downloadable PDF.

    If multiple access occur with multiple IPs disable that members access

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  • I will politely point to my signature (Piracy Killer). It does exactly what you need.
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    I think you are being more paranoid about you product being shared than anything. Before you worry about that, you first need to be driving in sales. And like has already been mentioned in here, as long as you look up your larger products, you should be fine!


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    Bottom line is you can't stop it completely and it's not worth worrying about as it is usually scarce.

    Focus on your marketing campaign, traffic, affiliates, value and sales. To hell with those who want to get something for free - bouncebackability!

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