Trouble Monetizing Page 1 Site

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The site is ranking as the 2nd to 5th result for several keywords with about 300,000 Global Monthly Searches and 150,000 Local.

The site is now averaging 500 UV a day. I feel like the blog is completely going to waste. I'm sure there's something I can do with it that will bring home the bacon.

I would say that I'm targeting the wrong crowd. These people are freebie seekers so it's difficult to get them to do anything. It's probably also a young crowd so they're not as receptive to clicking on adverts.

Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated.
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    How about content locking your "xbox live codes access" with cpa offers? That way, the freebie seekers don't need to buy anything but to complete free offers to access the stuff they are looking for...

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    Join a CPA network and put up free gift card offers, there are even ones for free iphones, ipads, etc. For most of them, you will usually get paid for each email submit on the first page.

    A good network that I use is Peerfly.
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    You could try and list your site that way somebody will pay you monthly for an ad banner spot on your page. Guaranteed income

    Please do not use your signature to promote affiliate/MLM programs

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      Originally Posted by jpsween88 View Post

      You could try and list your site that way somebody will pay you monthly for an ad banner spot on your page. Guaranteed income
      I'll test the waters. That was also another option I was considering.
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    It's on the blogger platform so I believe that I'm limited on what I can do as far as content locking goes. I'm going to do some more research on it. I'm a member at CPAlead.


    PM sent
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    If your site already have 500 UV, it will be easy to make money from the site.

    You could lock your xbox codes with CPA offers. So you could make money every time people come to your sites. You could lock your site with this CPA Network: Content Locking & Incentivized Affiliate Network | BLAM Ads Content Locking

    Or you could use You put the xbox code in separate pages, so every time people access the code, you make money.
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    Just signed up for for Blam Ads as CPALead had squat as far as offers go. Yesterday was a record day as I believe the site crawled to the first spot for its keyword.
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    The site is kiling it with adsense today!

    If anybody would like to go in on a JV with a better way to profit with a site like this then please shoot me a PM. It's not my main earner but it is the first site I ever built. Thanks for all the suggestions everyone.
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    Both Adsense and CPA should do well with your website.
    Try to test Adsense ads : text, images, position etc...
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    Figure out what xbox codes are most popular and put them in a pdf. Make them sign up for your list to access the pdf. Best thing would be to make them click which codes* they want to figure out what their interests are. Then you build a list of xbox players, autorespond them, and start selling them games timed to release dates.

    * i don't know what xbox live codes are, but assume they are for individual games.

    Reach 13K+ men in the dating niche - PM me for details

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    Add CPA to your blog and Buysellads.

    -=''I Sell Addmefast account with 16k++ points for $9, delivery within 6/hrs. PM me if interested.''=-
    Other services: ->Get 300 Youtube Likes ->Get 100 Youtube subscribers in 24/hours ->1000 targeted twitter followers ->Blogger SEO ->Blogger Template Designer ->Computer tips/tricks

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    It looks like you are targetting the wrong audience.

    It is similar to opening a shop in a forest.

    Try to do another keywords research and to look at other websites to check how they do their niche marketing. You will be able to learn from them.
    CPA is all about testing, tracking, determining.
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    Perhaps look at your Google Heatmap for placement of ads. Could just be bad placement.
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